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Perrelli choose the difficult way – Göteborgs-Posten

Fun From the glitz and glamour to the acoustic guitar. Nothing is as it was when Charlotte Perrelli make a comeback in the Eurovision song contest.

Charlotte Perrellis schlagermeritlista is the least impressive – she has two wins in the Eurovision song contest and the Eurovision victory behind him.

But now when she sets up in the competition for the fourth time, she does everything to downplay his chances. Throughout the week, Charlotte Perrelli in the interview after the interview, said that she did not have any hopes about the final or even the Second chance.

- It is not that I don’t believe in the song, I think it is really pretty, but it is still for the most part, young people who vote. Where I don’t think I have as much chance, ” she says.

the song “My life” differs sharply from the “Thousand and one night”, “Hero” and “The girl”. It is, in this context, low-key and highly personal ballad.

- I am not in a muskort dress and wiggling the butt in a glitterblåsa. I’m over 40, and I have taken a step forward career-wise and musically where I feel like I want to say something. It is not just about singing a pop song.

Important topic

Charlotte Perrelli say that it had been much easier to set up with just a “normal pop song”.

- Even though I do not think it either had worked, of course, we have seen how every single artist is going out with the head before. But it had still been a simple way to go because then my fans got a new Charlotte-let. This is something else entirely.

“My life” is all about preconceptions, judgmental and mean comments. The text is rooted in her own experiences from years in the spotlight, but might as well be about to become a victim of hatred on social media.

- I really have not come up with something new, but I feel that we can’t talk enough about this topic. We need to lift it all the time. We need to be kinder to each other.

the”Not afraid”

She believes that many can recognize themselves in the song.

- Even if it is my words and feelings so anyone can apply this on yourself. It is enough to have a different sexual orientation, political opinion, or that it physically looks a little different to get sow much crap.

To write your own songs, and perform them in a more stripped down guise, has given her a musical fresh start. For the first time in a long time feel Charlotte Perrelli that the music really means something.

That is why she does not care about how it goes in the race on Saturday, even if she so clearly hopes that many will think about “My life”.

- I am not afraid to fail, I will never succeed with anything in life if I don’t dare to try.

the Eurovision song contest is broadcast in BBC1 on Saturday at 20.00.

Facts: Charlotte Perrelli

  • Born in 1974 in Hovmantorp in Småland. Raised in nearby Kåramålatorp.
  • Began to sing in a dance band in the late 1980s, including the Bengt-Ingvars and Anders Engberg. In 1997, she became a singer in Her.
  • made her Debut as a solo artist in the Eurovision song contest 1999 with the song “a Thousand and one night”. The translated version of the song, “Take me to your heaven”, won the Eurovision Song Contest.
  • Has since competed in the Eurovision song contest 2008 “Hero” (who won) and 2012 with “The girl” (who did not went to final).
  • the Current in the first round of the Eurovision song contest in 2017 with the song “My life”. At the end of February is then released an album with the same title.

Facts: the Launcher in Gothenburg, sweden

1. Boris René: “Her kiss”

2. Adrijana: “Amare”

3. Dinah Nah: “One more night”

4. They Know You: “Road trip”

5. Charlotte Perrelli: “My life”

6. Ace Wilder: “Wild child”

7. Nano: “Hold on”


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