Friday, February 3, 2017

Ulf Lundell loses lengthy battle – the ”watchtower” will remain – financial times

Ulf Lundell lose tornstriden against Kivik arts.

The 19 meter-high "watchtower" from which one can see the artist’s residence outside Kivik thus becomes the left, write the Ystads allehanda.

"It is the life’s grinning irony for me that I settle myself right here", has Lundell said in a statement.

muppets don’t thrive best in open landscapes. In all cases, not where others can see into his home.

In the nearly ten years has Ulf Lundell struggled to get away a 19-metre high concrete tower which has been set up in the vicinity of his farm south of Kivik. The reason for this? Visiting the tower can see The residence.

County administrative board gave the previous Lundell right, and said that nature would not be exploited.

the Decision was appealed to the Land and environment court, which, in turn, gave konstnärsstiftelsen Kivik arts the right.

Lundell, who ran on the issue until the last instance, the Land and environment court, which in may last year decided to try the case again.

Wanted to escape the public

Ulf Lundell wrote a letter to the överdomstolen in which he described the tower as a "tower".

"It is the life’s grinning irony for me that I settle me right here, or over there, on the farm, to be alone, recharge batteries, escape the publicity, and I get a watchtower that the nearest neighbor", he should have written according to the Ystads allehanda.

May not be

Now comes the news that the court gives the Kivik arts right. Right mean, inter alia, "not to the inconvenience that can occur because of the sculptures are so great for Ulf Lundell that the building permit should be denied".

Where the decision can not be appealed against, Ulf Lundell, who now find themselves in the tower, overlooking the star’s home, will be left.


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