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Sven Wollter about Björn Granath: ”He was like a brother” – Aftonbladet

So, remember friends and colleagues in the actor

Skådespelarkollegorna mourn his friend Björn Granath.

– I thought so much about him, ” says Krister Henriksson.

Skådespelarkollegan and his friend Sven Wollter will be dismayed and deeply taken when he reached by the news of the Bear Granaths death.

– no, no, No. So terrible, ” he says.

He is at the film Festival in Gothenburg and on the way up on the stage, but the take yet the time to talk about Björn Granath.

– We would have met on Wednesday and celebrate Anita Dorazio, who became the American Hero last year. Bear and I and Mikael Wiehe courted her in the Circus at the gala in december and then he was so sprightly and alert, ” says Sven Wollter.

– In last Wednesday, he was sick, but that it would be like this I never thought. He felt like a brother. We met in 1977 and was in half a year, along with 50 others in the Tältprojektet. Then we came very close. I thought terribly much about the Bear and his wife.

Krister Henriksson mourn their colleague.

– I thought so much about him. It will be hard to play today, ” says Krister Henriksson.

– He was the same age. First Lars-Erik Berenett and now… It will be so strange.

A grand actor

actor Richard Wolff, 58, came the news of the Bear Granaths death also as a shock.

– I was very fond of the Bear. He belonged to a generation of actors who I grew up with, and then became a colleague. He was truly magnificent, both as an actor and human being. He was a gentleman, their first of the season on stage and also collegiate grand, ” says Rikard Wolff.

– We stood on stage together in Karlstad, not so long ago and then we got the opportunity to sit down one evening and talk. He was a humble and nice guy, who I had great respect for.

Loyal – and kind

Marie Göranzon, 74, was a longtime friend and colleague, Björn Granath at the royal dramatic theatre – and react with dismay at the sad news of his passing.

– I had to just hear it, and it took me jättehårt. It was a shock. It was not so long ago I met him, ” says Marie Göranzon

– He was a close colleague and a real ensemblemänniska. He was so loyal with everything. I played a few big roles against him and it is so boring, so boring, so it is not wise.

– He was a real actor – and it glesnar in the ranks. It is so incredibly boring when you yourself is in that age and feel; oh, my god, there are almost none left now.

– Thoughts go to his family, but also to the Swedish theatre and, above all, the royal dramatic theatre. The royal dramatic theatre needed Björn Granath, much more than Björn Granath needed the royal dramatic theatre.

Björn Granath joined the royal dramatic theatre from Pistolteatern about the same time with Johan Rabeus was Marie Göranzon is already there.

– It was a fun filling with the two. Björn was both good and kind, he was wise, intelligent, gifted, and kind. He put himself in the other room. It is an unusual feature, unfortunately.

On twitter, type actress Julia Dufvenius, 41:

"can’t be Bothered to really take in this. Thank you for everything. Thinking of your lovely family."

Looking back on the "Sällskapsresan" with the heat

For many, Björn Granath associated with the "Sällskapsresan 2 – Snowroller", and the classic "the weight on the dalskidan"-the stage.

Ingrid Wallin, who played against Granath in the film, looking back on the recording with the heating.

– It was many years ago, and it was my first encounter with him as a colleague and human being. But I remember him with great warmth, We had fun during the shoot, ” says Ingrid Wallin, who have not worked with him since then.

Yet, she still receives, more than 30 years later, to hear the classic reply, etched with so many swedes.

— Yes, it is repeated quite often, ” says Ingrid Wallin and cancels itself.

— But, dear one. The misery. It is so boring, it just disappear the people around you.


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