Monday, February 6, 2017

The comedian asked all the swisha a crown – so much so he has received – Aftonbladet

the Comedian has received more than 90 000 sek in about a day.Photo: Screenshot

Comedian Kristoffer Appelquist, which is current in the "On track", asked people to swisha him a crown. In about a day, he has managed to get over 90 000 sek, which he will give away – for a good cause.

Comedian Kristoffer Appelquist carried out a challenge on Facebook where he managed to gather 11 688 sek to go to the Red cross work in the Syria.

He had intended to donate the sum already on Sunday evening but chose instead to make an attempt to get more money. Therefore, he asked the people to swisha over a crown to him during the hashtagen #enspänntillsyrien.

All is not overpaid TV-clowns, stafettläkare or Copywriters. Not everyone has a thousand, a hundred, or even twenty-flaps to spare also if you would like to. But, all can spare A DIME. If only ALL who have not already contributed to the collection swishar me a bucks now so it may probably be a hefty fucking sum to the Red cross tomorrow night," he writes in a Facebookinlägg.

And people were not late with that swisha. During the day have been Christopher reported on how the sum has risen. On his Instagram, he announced that he was up there in 93 795 sek at half 6 in the evening.

Multiple pay tribute to the initiative and those who participate in it: "What power there is when people agree" writes a person on Facebook.

Aftonbladet have searched Kristoffer Appelquist for a comment. The collection shall cease at 22:00 on Monday night and komikerns goal is to reach 100 000 sek, he writes on his Instagram.


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