Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Nano is the strongest Mello-debutante writer I’ve seen in modern times – financial times

No surprise that Sweden finished last

GOTHENBURG. Charlotte Perrelli fell.

And the Nano saved the performance.

"Hold on," is the strongest debut album by an unknown artist that I have seen in the competition.

When a star goes out lit another.

It is the harsh truth of Sweden’s most popular paljettlek.

Charlotte Perrelli disappeared Nano lifted.

It is further a sign that the old credentials and the older expression does not work in the Eurovision song contest anymore. They will work in any case not as often.

That just Perrelli last place was no surprise.

She predicted an early snöplig sistaplats.

And during the week in Gothenburg, it has felt as if she thought less and less on their song for each day. The rehearsals have been a dutiful, anoxic and grim.

Then it should be very to call "My life" for a song. It was a three minute-long audio.

Perrelli has no credibility as a serious and self-revealing singer-songwriter, at least not for this crowd.

The is where it goes wrong.

To see Hasse Andersson dress to läderrocker and sing "Änglahund" together with Mustache does not directly comic points.

Schlager, and the metal has a long-standing, intimate relationship. The different genres look different on paper, but in fact they are living with tongues in each other’s mouths.

But when the competition goes in goal in just over five weeks will race in Gothenburg is still to be summed up in one name:


Spotifygospeln "Hold on" is the locomotive that pulls this train right now. It is a song that sounds as strong and well outside the bubble. And it required such contributions to the competition will continue to be relevant.

How would the SVT otherwise attract new viewers? Or get into the music on streamed charts? By Dinah Nah?

considering how the avalanche went in the chat room ochsociala media during and after the Nanos prominent, I suspect that he can grow into a Fransphenomenon.

Such obvious and heavy-duty impact rarely occurs.

Nano had, incidentally, the only sound the song of the evening – the rest consisted mostly of reruns.

Clara Henry can be a rock

I don’t know how I get into the happy pruttkuddarna in the They know you in the last reasoning.

But what would be the Eurovision song contest today, if not certain results, got a to suspect that Vladimir Putin agents have hacked and manipulated the system of voting?

New presenters tend to automatically mean that people sharpen the knives and cut them into pieces after about two minutes. Especially if they are three pieces. Anyone who has ever been glad of the three hosts? How about two?

Clara Henry, Hasse Andersson and David Lindgren deserves more time. Clara can be a rock in the box during this trip. The future looks a little uncertain, out of her colleagues. Sometimes they had been replaced by two bricks.

the Actual framing of the funding has already declined several years.

Is it modern dance and such skits and "joke," viewers will get to see in six weeks now?
In this case, can continue to be miserable.


Larsson’s finest

Nano. "Hold on," they had six other songs that feel completely pointless.


Larsson’s warning

They know you. Oh, no. Now will surely stollarna still saving their votes in the Second chance. Just like Samir & Viktor. Will need prescription drugs in Linköping.


Charlotte Perrelli went out directly: "Stuff it"


Nanos coup – after lavinhyllningarna in social media


So much serves hip-hop


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