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Perrelli about the personal song: “Självupplevt” – Expressen

Charlotte Perrellis contribution in the Eurovision song contest is about kändislivets backsides and the vulnerability she can feel.

her Husband Anders Jensen got teary-eyed when he first heard the song – at the same time ventilate the singer fear before the Saturday’s performed, among other songs.

– the Text describes a bit of what I myself have felt when I have been in Melodifestivalen before, which makes it självupplevt, ” she says in a statement.

During Wednesday played for the first time the songs up to participate in this year’s edition of the Eurovision song contest.

the Artist Charlotte Perrelli, 42, has previously revealed that her text for the song “My life” is so personal and self-revealing that her husband Anders Jensen sat with tears in my eyes when she played it for him.

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– the Song is soft, very self-revealing and has a vulnerability. Very small and understated, ” she says in a statement on Wednesday.

– the Text describes a bit of what I myself have felt when I have been in Melodifestivalen before, which makes it självupplevt.

In the text, she sings, among other things:

“I wake up with a feeling of concern, for they’re talking about how I look. But who gives them the right to judge, I wish that it will be at an end. I always hope that no one sees, when I fought as best as I can”.

the Song can be interpreted as a response to the näthat and the criticism you are exposed to that celebrity. In Charlotte Perrellis participation in the Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade in 2012, she was called in the world press, including “dragartist”.

– It is a rather vulnerable person in this context, it is something that I want to highlight, and I think many will recognize themselves, ” says Charlotte Perrelli.

Melodifestivalgeneralen Christer Björkman sees Charlotte Perrellis let a development of her career.

” this is something completely different than the previous entries she has had. It is the next step in her musical life, ” he says.

On his blog Charlotte Perrelli previously spoken out about the turmoil she feels about his involvement.

“I know that all the old schlagerrävar fly out head first and it’ll of course include me. Mellon has changed. It is young people who vote frantically and they vote on the younger artists. Understandable”, she has previously written.

She has got to experience how scathing criticism and näthat brought up on social media – and how evil it can do, both with her but also in younger people.

“It’s frightening where the younger generation have to put up with on Instagram, Facebook, etc, Without life experience they should be able to tackle the abuse that actually occurs every day. I think it is scary and alarming,” she writes in the blog, and continues:

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“This is your life just like mine and we must have the right to it. No one else should be able to get you or me to feel bad because they are laughing behind your back.”

She continues:

“It is becoming more and more afraid of the harsh climate and the harsh jargon, the older you get. At least I feel it.”

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