Friday, February 3, 2017

Bea Uusma hero in the ”On track” – with both luck and skill – Aftonbladet

How good was tonight’s law and the music – score

Have no idea if she has luck in love or not.

But Bea Uusma been lucky in the quiz.

the Doctor had a läkarfråga and could definitely determine Friday’s "On track".

Neither Kristoffer Appelquist/Bea Uusma or Göran Hägglund/Olivia Wigzell impressed in their meetings against the Anne-Lie Rydé/Ronny Svensson. Losses and low points. The pop singer, and film critic won two matches in part because they always took the full pot in musikfrågorna.

Now it was the second place and the chance to pinch a so-called "second chance"-place and remain in the competition.

Tense expectations, above all in the first class cabin. samuel west wanted to joke a little bit about that Hägglund and Wigzell, the belong to different parties and wondered if it played any role.

- No, said Hägglund korthugget. He probably wanted to just get started and try to take revenge.

And he did well, in their own way. Both teams got very high scores. Was followed all the time in a match that was exciting, almost to the last.
Bea Uusma dominated and ruled all of it.

Bea Uusma had luck on their side

She were out the puns on the first destination Gällivare, pulled the emergency brake and gave their team eight points. She drew directly on the ten points of the second destination and sang spontaneously I have been on vacation in Marbella and just thinking and dreaming espanol, from Sylvia Wrethammar-schlagern.

Solid opponents latched on.

Then came the tour.

On the third destination Pittsburgh was a question that had nothing to do whatsoever with the city to do:

What part of the body produces adrenaline?

Such as most of us probably rarely thought about. The doctor Bea Uusma, of course, had been able to answer the question in his sleep. With the correct answer got a impregnable head-start before the final musikfrågan.

the Next Friday for the match against Jonas Eriksson/Åsa Sandell a place in the semi-finals.

They had 30 (loss) and 35 (profit) in both their matches. Appelqvist/Uusma has had 26 and 41. Completely impossible to tip, it feels like.

So great was the law


Kristoffer Appelquist/Bea Uusma
He is a stand up comedian, with several shows behind them. Has also been in the humorprogram as "Parliament". She is a doctor and Augustprisbelönad author. Very strong at the destinations.


Göran Hägglund/Olivia Wigzell

He is the former leader of the Christian democrats, member of parliament and minister of social affairs. She is the director general of the national Board of health. Has been committed to the landstingsråd in Stockholm. Has shown unexpected gaps in knowledge.

good music


Anders Wendin/Moneybrother. Made together with Augustifamiljen very strong and personal interpretation of both the Gunnar Wiklund-hit "Sixteen tons" as Hall & Oates "Every time you go away".


Difficult question The village, which was embroiled in a legal dispute with the Swedish government. None of the teams had a clue that it was Girjas sami village. Probably few of the tv viewers either.

Best replica What you see here is fear and ignorance, it is the way it looks. But he can damn things sometimes…
Kristoffer Appelquist comment on the criticism he received from Luuk and Lindström that he’s looking almost bored out of the program.


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