Saturday, February 11, 2017

Benjamin ingrosso’s major weight change – Expressen

Melodifestivalaktuella Benjamin Ingrosso dropped 9 kilos in six weeks.

But to lose weight is easy for him, ” he says in the podcast “wheel of Life”.

” I am a periodare. But we are so in our family, that we go up and down sick easily, ” says Benjamin Ingrosso.

Benjamin Ingrosso performs in the Eurovision song contest on Saturday with his “Good lovin”.

In the podcast “wheel of Life”, he talks about his health ahead of the competition.

“It will be a little diet-fashion,” says Benjamin Ingrosso in the podcast.

the Artist says that he finds it easy to go up and down in weight, and has fluctuated in both the front and back.

” When I was 14, I was a bit “chubby”, then I went down 11 pounds in a month, “he says and continues:

” But I just came from Los Angeles and then I went down type nine kilos in six weeks. But then I went on a diet and ran every day. It is much easier over there, when there is sun every day. And, above all, in Los Angeles, which is “healthy town” and that everyone should eat raw food, he notes.

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To commute in weight has both its advantages and disadvantages mean Ingrosso – and it is something he has in common with the rest of the family.

– It is a hassle to go up and down so easily. I am a periodare. But we are so in our family, that we go up and down sick easily.

Benjamin Ingrosso also think that it is really not so much matter how much or how little you weigh, just that they are comfortable and feel good.

” Just you look fresh and relaxed so it doesn’t matter how much you weigh, then you can weigh 110 pounds. But I notice that I feel better when I’m in form, ” says Benjamin Ingrosso in the “wheel of Life”.

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