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Charlotte Perrelli counted with the fiasco in the Eurovision song contest 2017 – and had prepared the kids at a loss.

Schlager-veteran got it right and came in last place. She co-sponsored in the night by her husband Anders Jensen – and now traveling, they will be removed after the defeat.

But Sweden has not given up the Eurovision song contest.

“I will certainly be here in five years again,” she says.

During Saturday returned to Charlotte Perrelli to Eurovision song contest. The singer already has two victories and a win in the Eurovision Song Contest.

But when Charlotte Perrelli, 42, stood on the stage in Scandinavium counted, she fiasco. The prophecy broke down and she ended up with a seventh place – and got to see finalbiljetterna go to Nano, 30, and Ace Wilder, 34.

Charlotte Perrelli: I’m not shocked

It went as you were expecting?

” Yes, a little so, in fact. I’m not shocked by it. Everyone is asking how it feels but I know that everyone thinks it is a personal failure, but it does not feel so. I’ve said it the whole time that this is a difficult song in such a context, but at the same time was the perfect. It stirs up lots of emotions and that is exactly what it is.

it still Feels not hard to get last time?

” It is clear that it would have been more fun if it had gone better. I will not stand during the chair with. There is probably no one that sets up in a race to be last.

What are you going to do next, trip away?

” Yes, I dare barely say this but we actually have planned to go to Åre in the same week as the Second chance. I can’t say it out loud, for then the likes of people not that I want to be with. I have to choose, it is final or not at all.

You have prepared your children in this?

” Yes, I have said to them that they should not be worried that I’m going to be sad because I will not be there. I think it’s kind of nice that they know it.

Charlotte Perrelli: "Dare hardly say it"

Will you set it up in the Eurovision song contest again?

– Certainly, a mature bitch never. I will certainly be here in five years again.

her Husband Anders Jensen, 39, was on the ground in the Scandinavium arena in order to support Perrelli. He is disappointed about the result:

” It was a bit boring, I thought that the song and the performance was better than that. I thought she did it great. At the same time, she was prepared for it. This song attracts not the target audience, who vote the most, ” he says.

Charlotte Perrelli and Anders Jensen will go to the after party after the race.

– Then we have actually an early morgonplan home in the morning so it will be not so much party. And I can’t imagine she is so superupplagd for it either, ” says Anders Jensen.

Jensen: "Prepared for it"

Charlotte Perrelli has previously told us that she saw Saturday’s contest as a chance to promote their new single and their new album is released later in February.

– Yes absolutely!!! I have never left in the chair with the five penny. There are three million who are watching the Eurovision song contest, tell me a program that I can be with in and sing a new song and reach out to so many. It is not, ” says Charlotte Perrelli

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John Aleman is the tv director at the media agency Carat. He gives Charlotte Perrelli right in that the amount of advertising is worth its weight in gold.

“She is quite right in his assessment, there is no other platform she would be more visible and reach out to over three million viewers, it is a huge PR value,” he says.

advertising space worth millions

Had Charlotte Perrelli purchased a 30 second long commercials on TV4 in sweden with approximately the same ratings, she had had to pay between 400-500 000 sek. Now she can sing in over three minutes, which means that the amount of advertising in the Eurovision song contest is worth over two million.

– It is difficult to do a straight translation but it would certainly land on 2-2,5 million, ” said John Aleman.

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But not everyone is happy with Charlotte Perrellis coup in the SVT. One of them that is critical is Ace Wilder:

– She takes a spot from someone else who might want to be with and win. At the same time, she is loved in Mellovärlden and has won the Eurovision. It is great that she wants to show herself and what she has done. But at the same time, it is a shame for those who want to get into the Eurovision song contest, ” she says.

Boris René: Everyone has their own thoughts

Konkurreten Boris, René, who went on to the second chase, says this about Charlotte Perrellis coup:

” Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions on why one is using. It is just to respect, ” he says.

Dinah Nah, which itself went out, however, has some understanding of Charlotte Perrelli.

– It is not all that is in the Eurovision song contest in order to win. It’s one of the best platforms to show up, ” she says.

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