Friday, February 10, 2017

Bildpoesin strengthens the drama of the Moonlight – Göteborgs-Posten

Moonlight is primarily a universal depiction of the to take the step from child to adult, about having the odds against him, writes Mats Johnson.


Director: Barry Jenkins, USA, 2016 (111 min)

Moonlight kicks off with the Boris Gardiner 1970-talslåt Every nigger is a star on the soundtrack, and we are thrown back in time. Venue is the rough Liberty City, Miami. Drugs, crime, misery. You would expect a smutsgrå social realist film, but megabegåvade director Barry Jenkins chooses instead a bildpoetisk line. Photographer James Laxton’s use of long, slow, a double bass onto a. Despite the fact that Moonlight is based on a play (In the moonlight black boys look blue), the film is not in the least flamboyant but eminently cinematic.

In the three chapters we follow the dramas protagonist Chiron. At the age of ten, as a teenage guy, and to end up. The first chapter, called Little, is by far the best and grasp on the real. Lille Chiron is the quiet, bullied, and has a mother who knarkar. Up pops a chance the kind-hearted kubanen Juan, superbly played by Mahersala Ali, who becomes the Chirons surrogatpappa and friend at the same time. The problem is that Juan earns his living as a drug dealer and deliver the crack to the Chirons mom, played with a great intensity of Naomie Harris.

you can to highlight the film’s gay theme, which the film chooses to do in the trailer, but the Moonlight is in the first place, a universal depiction of the to take the step from child to adult, about having the odds against him, if not to have too many options to the choices in life.

Barry Jenkins has worked a lot with the soundtrack, a mix of classic and funk. Chiron is played in turn by Alex Hibbert, Ashton Sanders and Trevante Rhodes. They are not particularly similar to each other, but there is something with skådisarnas expressive eyes, which leads us to believe that this is the same character all the way.


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