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So remember friends, Lars-Erik Berenett – Aftonbladet

Sven Wollter: "He was a unique talent"

Lars-Erik Berenetts death touches skådiskollegorna.

A devastated Sven Wollter pays tribute to his close friend.

– He was one of our absolute best actor. I myself have directed him.

On Wednesday, the dog, the Swedish actor Lars-Erik Berenett, surrounded by their nearest and dearest, after a short illness. He was 74 years old.

too young, notes skådespelarkollegan Allan Svensson, known from "Svensson, Svensson", and "Fröken Frimans krig".

"Formed – with a sense of humour"

– He was a nice guy. Very respected in the industry. An educated man with a sense of humour, and in the very careful. He was careless never. The I thought about.

Berenett and Svensson worked together during the filming of the ten "Hazel"movies, in the 80 and 90s. They have also ran into each other sometimes.

– He was a very face person. We had worked together now, so he would surely come on the fun new angles on the Donald Trump. It was very enriching and fun to work with him.

"Terribly sorry for the kids"

Actor Sven Wollter was both a colleague and a close friend with family ties to Lars-Erik Berenett. He is devastated when Nöjesbladet reach him, the same night as the announcement.

– It is very sad. I am so terribly sorry for that Lasse is more. Not just because we had a friendship that was different, but also for children. I know them. Above all, Lina is my child, and her half-brother, Matti, ” says Sven Wollter.

Wollter has thus figured Berenett as a parent to his daughter, because the two mentioned adults the children have the same mother – the actor Evabritt Strandberg.

"One of our best"

Already in the 70′s did the late friend a key role in Sven Wollters Yaşar Kemal-play. Since then they have worked together in the "Van Veeteren – Borkmanns point".

– He was one of our absolute best actor. I myself have directed him, so I know what I’m talking about.

There is much more to say about Lars-Erik Berenett, it is clear, but the words get stuck in, Sven Wollter.

– I don’t know more what I should say. But I can add that Lasse was a unique talent in his profession.


Lars-Erik Berenett was very much more than Roland Hassel


Hassel-actor Lars-Erik Berenett death


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