Friday, February 10, 2017

Hip hop festival will take back the house of culture in Umeå, sweden – Radio Sweden

“this gigantic house of culture, it is for us or not?”

Johan "Brother John" Bäckström, Alexander Juneblad, Nathalie Missaoui/Cleo and Marc Strömberg

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the Musicians Johan, “Brother John” Bäckström, Alexander “Academics” Juneblad, Nathalie “Cleo” Missaoui and the creator Marc Strömberg is some of the Umeåprofiler involved in this weekend’s new hiphopfest in Umeå. Photo: Cecilia Gustafsson/Swedish Radio

In the morning hit the house of culture the Fabric of the Umeå up their gates for the new hiphopfesten Mästerbotten. And the artists involved have high-flying plans.

in Addition to the club and concerts in the evening, including paltmingel, lectures on the male role, opening reception and a workshop with the musicians Cleo and Brother John on how to increase your self-esteem on the schedule.

The Umeåprofiler to participate in the day Program met see Mästerbotten a bit like a revenge after the capital of culture Year 2014.

– There is any form of dissatisfaction in our generation in Umeå right now. A little bit about 2014, how the city has changed when it comes to culture and the scenes and forums that are for our generation and our target audience. There is a big missing for something, ” says Cleo, or Nathalie Missaoui who she really is.

Cleo is one of the founders to Femtastic-movement which is a network for women in the music and the cultural sector. She and the others who are on the scene during the Mästerbotten, among others, Brother John, and Academics, hoping to hiphopfesten to be a recurring festival.

When they on Saturday, the controversial Fabric, they want the audience to feel welcome and that the house of culture is everyone’s place.

” So we was like this: should we sit and be sour about it? Or should we try to do something on the Web, which has become a bit like our enemy also. This gigantic house of culture, is it us or is it not for us? Can we be here? says Nathalie Missaoui.

Brother John has made music with the northern collective Random Bastards – which is one of the organizers – think Mästerbotten fills a void in the city.

– When talking about the Umeå music scene, then it is always “do it yourself “Umeå”. It is what I is raised with, that you can do all of this yourself. Now, I think it is missing a bit of the vein, so as to come back with the thing that feels important, ” says Johan, “Brother John” Bäckström.

He believes that Saturday’s events will be epic.

– There seems to be some sort of vibe in the entire city if this is going to happen. I think this is going to live up to the expectations and after that it will be “will you remember Mästerbotten?”


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