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Mandelmanns concern after the success on TV4 in sweden – Aftonbladet

Pair Mandelmann on: People’s love, nasty comments, and any new season

The meet of fine tittariffror and the people’s love.

But after the success of "Mandelmanns farm" in TV4 is Marie and Gustav Mandelmann troubled.

– We are afraid to make people disappointed, ” he says.

the Apartment and the town felt too tight.

Then left the family Mandelmann apartment in the Södermalm district of Stockholm and were looking across the country for a farm.

– We wanted to give the children a good upbringing and show how to do with animals and nature. We were looking in the west coast of sweden, Norrland, Gotland and several places, but nowhere we felt us really welcome. We lived half a year on the island, and found that everything tastes so good there. So we found a farm that was for sale, but it felt like they were not curious to outsiders would buy, ” says Gustav Mandelmann.

Fate served him and his wife Marie a farm in Djupadal in the skåne Österlen.

– We were so welcomed, those who sold said: "we want you to buy the farm, you are young, you have young children, we feel that you are right". Imagine being able to hear it. They did not raise the price despite the fact that several other invited over, I am so grateful to them, ” he says.

Worried about after the tv success

since Then, it has rolled on, Mandelmanns gardens with associated restaurant has been a watering hole with more and more visitors in the summer.

It is not likely to be reduced after the "Mandelmanns farm" has become a box office hit in TV4 during the winter.

– There is actually a problem, the fact is that we are afraid of… actually, we want to have less people and not more. It’s not fun when it gets to be too much people and the queues for long. Of course, we are not McDonald’s who can buy more food without doing it all themselves. We’re thinking now, maybe, we are introducing online booking for tickets. It is we simply need to act, we want to be able to be spontaneous. We are afraid to make people disappointed, ” he says.

Woman: "Please, adopt me"

Premiere was viewed by 950 000 only in the linear-tv, since then the figure has remained steadily around from 8 to 900 000. The love has been pouring in to the family via social media.

– It is totally unbelievable, what the people are amazing, take the time and write so fona things. Then there is hope in the world, ” says Marie.

– It was an adult woman wrote: please Marie and Gustav can’t you adopt me, it is a lovely comment. 10-12-year-olds are writing and want to come to us, ” says Gustav.

The critical comments have come up now and then during the 20 years, and has not become more of the program.

– do you Have a farm with animals, people have opinions about animal husbandry. I usually reply, "maybe we can talk about in the summer". Any racist pops up and wonder what Mandelmann is for the weird name. Then I explain it. On the internet it becomes easy unfriendly when you can’t meet, ” he says.

Discusses the new season

And many will be inspired by the joy and genuiniteten in the skåne farm. Already after the premiere discussed TV4 possibility of a new season.

– Nothing is decided yet, but later in the day we talked about it. There is so much more to show from the countryside, ” says Gustav.

Now, the pair is in Stockholm doing interviews with Television, and Malou after ten.

– On the train up, I replied to an email from a family that was keen on Österlen. It is clear that they should consider the chance and hope that you meet people who welcome you, and maybe doing something extra, offer a cup and give tips. You become happy when a family wants to come and beat down bopålarna.


Mandelmann if…


– Yes we do. During the recording we made of things, I am so curious to see what Marie found on.

How he and Marie met:

– We met at a school of painting in the north of Bohuslän. I had a break from medical school. I thought Marie was so beautiful. She played and sang very beautifully so sweet music occurred in several ways. We were blixförälskade. After school we were quite quickly on the blast, and rented a cottage north of Stockholm. Where we started to grow and bought some sheep from a 4H-farm, ” says Gustav.

– We had (John) Seymours självhushållningsbok, so when we skulel slaughter our first ram was Gustav there with the book, but I could it, ” says Marie.

hard work:

– When we found the farm we were, that swallowed, it was a diamond in the rough: lots of sly, the fences were hung on the three quarters and a house in which we still discover secrets. The first five years cleared, we really just, we were so pent-up energy after years in the town., says Gustav.

Opportunities in rural areas:

– When I see the countryside with empty houses that do not cost many crowns, so much soil that is not used and cultivated, but rather cultivated with spruce and other terrible, it is such opportunities. So very beautiful houses that are just waiting for chicks.

To visit Stockholm:

– It’s okay one or two days, then I desire really home. We once have moved away and do not want to return at all. We are so lucky now. But it is a great city to walk around in as we did when we had young children and strollers. I just got hit by a small stroller and then I felt really recognize myself as the bumbling dad, ” he says and laughs.


Mandelmanns tips: So you start inside the town

Compost on the balcony: We had a whopping, for leftovers and such that have fallen into the tygblöjorna. Mix it often and get the worms so that the circulation works.

Grow: We had apple trees in a large pot and gardening on the balcony: tomatoes, chili. You can then get an allotment.

instead of tv: We got a working bench in the living living room and went containerrundor where we found pieces of wood to cobble with. It someone think is junk can become a bookcase.

Baking bread: Put the dough in the fridge over night. Get up a half hour earlier and put the dough in the oven or stir-fry pizza bread. To be with and roll can bring up the kids in the morning and get them keen on the breakfast.


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