Friday, February 10, 2017

Dismissed: There is no mask we wear.


Eurovision song contest means the party and the glamour and the artists of jewellery adds style points from the toes. The band Dismissed is no exception. With a difference. – This is not a mask we wear, it is, of course, so here we are as a people, ” says the singer Tor Höglund.

the Group Dismissed with the members, Freddie Van Eijsden, Johan Carlsson, Tor Höglund and Douglas Woodbridge.Image: Jonas Ekströmer/TT

Göteborgsbandet stands out with its androgynous glam-rock, and has already met the reactions – both positive and negative, just by the short clips that are available on SVT’s site.

however, They are not surprised.

” We are used to both love and hate. So it is to be an artist that stands out. We might arouse both anger and joy, ” says Höglund.

” But I am going to Eurovision’s glitz and glamour. So very wrong, we are not. We have seen such here “wuuaaaah”-tough metal band that stands out more than what we do in this context.

The criticisms that reached them feels of course.

Extra much when it hits straight in the heart.

” We go out there ourselves. All the attacks are on us as a people, it is not a costume we wear for example, if you were to compare with the Kiss. But we may try to distance ourselves from the negative things. It’s a win for us, we achieve the reactions, ” says Höglund.

TT: So, you jewellery adds style points to not up you only for that it is Mello?

– No, this is the way that we look. Maybe not on a hungover Sunday is a package of milk… but otherwise, you want to be make themselves a little bit nice. Just like all the others.

the Facts: Dismissed

Members: Tor Höglund, Johan Carlsson, Freddie Van Eijsden and Douglas Woodbridge

Song: “Hearts align”

Written by: Ola Salo, Peter Kvint

Other: the Band was formed in Gothenburg in 2011, their biggest hit to date called “Dance on the borderline” with 67 000 plays on Spotify


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