Monday, February 6, 2017

Perrellis response to the husband’s fiaskofråga – Expressen

Charlotte Perrelli came in last in the first round and had to leave the Eurovision song contest.

Now she tells us about her husband’s question after the big fiasco, and their reply.

” I said, “do you Want me to be sorry?”

During Saturday returned to Charlotte Perrelli to Eurovision song contest. The singer already has two victories and a win in the Eurovision Song Contest.

But when Charlotte Perrelli, 42, stood on the stage in Scandinavium counted, she fiasco. The prophecy broke down and she ended up with a seventh place – and got to see finalbiljetterna go to Nano, 30, and Ace Wilder, 34.

Now, says Charlotte Perrelli about her husband’s words – and his plan to melt the fiasco.

it still Feels not hard to get last time?

” It is clear that it would have been more fun if it had gone better. I will not stand during the chair with. There is probably no one that sets up in a race to be last.

– There are many children who vote in such context, and I knew the. So I’m not shocked.

Hand on heart, you will be not a little sad?

” My husband asked it also, and I said, "no, I am not sorry. Do you want me to be?". I was prepared for this. I am an incurable optimist and will not be sitting and moping together. I have been in this industry for far too long, and is hardened. People have written so much crap about me, I can take it. But it would have been more fun if it had gone better.

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Charlotte Perrelli now thank their fans for the support, and the opportunity to promote to the song “My life” has come out on Spotify.

“now, If there be any advantage to not go to the final so it is that the song is now released on Spotify!!!It makes me happy! Thank you to all You fantastic as pepper and voted so it aches. You are my Heroes. Love You!”, write Perrelli in a post on Instagram.


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