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When Finland built the wall – financial times

Pia Bergström: "honey moons" is absorbing but well-vague

Mikael Berglund, born in 1977, debuted in 2015 with the acclaimed novel "An object’s story about obesvar".Photo: Erik Sjöström

REVIEW. In a near the future of the Baltic sea is a moat and Finland has built a high wall along the coast with armed guards. Armed drones patrolling the airspace and effectively kills refugees trying to escape over the sea. Some desperate tries anyway.

Mikael Berglund’s second novel honey moons, the newlyweds Maija and Viktor sent out to a small island in the gulf of Bothnia as a kind of guards. It is in all cases what they themselves believe, and the reader, even if all of it – their mission, the time, the form of government can be, the world – remains vague and a mystery through the entire novel. The mood in the honey moons similar to the Jerker Virdborgs the Black crab, where the soldiers in a wintry Swedish seascapes do not know what they are defending or fighting. Not even if they can rely on each other.

Isolated windy barren island is Maija and Viktor who known each other since adolescence suddenly naked before each other, their hunger, their lust, their adults dissimilarity and individuality. The basalt human of them be examined, in particular, when a small boat with an entire refugee family that escaped the drones blowing ashore on the island after an autumn storm, which directly threatens the couple’s survival. Their matlager is very limited and indicates they are not refugees, they become taken and imprisoned, and looked upon as a traitor.

It’s not exactly fun to read the stripped-down story, but absorbing, and exciting, also annoying because of the knappheten on the information. The questions piled up before all the unrecognizable, the face of this incomprehensible love, the face of Maijas capricious and unscrupulous behavior, in the face of the faceless authorities and it implied the system’s effective läskighet.

What is, by the way, conscience and humane responsibility in a completely different system than ours? I guess it is the question that Mikael Berglund wants us to ponder.

His first novel,, which I liked very much, An object to story about obesvar (2015) follows a ensamhetssökande, the wandering woman in the 1600 century the trade. She manages everything that has the pure survival to make, the cold, the snow, gives birth to a child all by myself, the wolf and the bear, but with the adaptation to other people is the worse. The story also has a mysterious craving but is in its ödessträckning more rounded, whole.

honey moons has too many holes and vague mystification, I think. For the story to be read both as a timely critique of society (refugees) and the existential saga has Berglund declined to consolidate and politicize the system, the "normality" Maija and Viktor live in the middle of – and therefore may not see themselves – but as a reader, I see it not.



” honey moons

Mikael Berglund

Albert Bonniers förlag


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