Friday, February 10, 2017

Billy Elliot dance on in Stockholm – Sveriges Radio

the Heroes from Billy Elliot at the Stockholm city Theatre card examples

David Fridholm in Billy Elliot – The musical. Stockholmspremiär 10 February 2017 on the main stage. Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Photo: Sören Vilks

the Film Billy Elliot was a musical with music by Elton John and it was a great success at the Malmö Opera last year. Now have the same set, but with the new ensemble on the scene, had its premiere at the Stockholm city Theatre.

Title: Billy Elliot – the musical
Location: Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Stockholm, sweden
Music: Elton John
book and lyrics Lee Hall
Director: Ronny Danielsson
Translation: Calle Norlén
production Design: Julia Przedmojska
Suit: Annsofi Nyberg
The scene: Jakob Eklund, Sara Jangfeldt and Robert Noack with several
Also: In the first instance to the november 22

The musical about the boy who wants to become a dancer in the midst of and during the English gruvdistriktets darkest, most violent strejkdagar was the equally acclaimed when it come to Malmö that movie was when it came.

the Fame of its excellence of the true one hundred percent. It is gripping and in the positive sense educative. Musically this is good and effective but not unique.

The resourceful of Billy Elliot is that it is entirely based on the archetypal, simple schablontyper as the male pigheaded gruvarbetarfarsan not have any visions, the crazy powered and elittänkande balettläraren, the virriga the grandmother, the dead mother, and a fun killkompis to the lead role of Billy Elliot. It is a musical that works entirely with dramaturgins easiest toolbox and still manage the creation of a story that I care about and want to follow.

this takes its cue against all the clichés and build up a realism, but sockrar the excessive musikalfantasier. We see sudden danschocker with the entire ensemble where dragshowartister come from nowhere, or police officers and striking miners who dance.

there will be a cleverly work with contrasts – the individual against the collective, the art against the policy, conservative thoughts towards innovation and the agitation against the sentimentlitet. Over all this is a theme that can attract the stummaste of spectators to be involved. It is: Should he succeed, against all the odds?

of Course, it is not possible on the key roles is possessed by the amateurs. This work, in particular Sara Jangfeldts dance hard with Billy at the premiere, unfortunately and fortunately, was depicted by two: Jacob Hermansson made the first act but became ill, and David Fridholm got to jump. It went very well for both of them – the third is Carl Sjogren. Jakob Eklund makes billy’s dad and he can sing-si-so-there, but it works perfectly in the role he does.


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