Saturday, February 4, 2017

Survey: Charlotte Perrelli last – they go on – Aftonbladet

Charlotte Perrelli will hopelessly last, and the Nano will be the outstanding winner.

So it goes in the first round of genrepspubliken may determine.

Publikundersökningen carried out by the official fanclub Melodifestivalklubben in connection with the Friday’s dress rehearsal is released, and will you believe it, there is a clear favorite in Gothenburg.

Nano with the song "Hold on", will receive more than 40 per cent of the votes, compared to runner-up Boris René landing of 17.2 percent.

Ace Wilder to "the Second chance"

at the same time as genrepspubliken want to send the newcomer the Nano and last year’s surprise Boris René to the final, they want to see the Ace Wilder and youtubestjärnorna They Know you in "the Second chance".

Schlagerveteranen Charlotte Perrelli, Nöjesbladet previously said that she will "go head", looks to get right. In Friday’s publikundersökning may just 1.5 per cent of the votes, which also gives her a sistaplats.


the Results from the publikundersökningen


1. Nano, Hold On: 292 votes – 40,6 %

2. Boris René, Her Kiss: 124 votes – 17,2 %

To the "Second chance"

3. Ace Wilder, Wild Child: 120 votes – 16.7% in the

4. You Know, Road Trip: 103 votes – 14,3 %


5. Adrijana, Amare: 36 votes – 5 %

6. Dinah Nah, One More Night: 34 votes – 4,7 %

7 Charlotte Perrelli, My life: 11 votes – the 1.5 %

Source: Melodifestivalklubben


Teknikkaoset at the dress rehearsal ahead of the Eurovision song contest


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