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Charlotte Perrelli went out immediately: ”Stuff it” – Aftonbladet

Want to not have the comfort

Charlotte Perrelli have to leave the Eurovision song contest, because "My life" came last in Gothenburg, sweden.

But schlagerräven is cured.

– I have been spotted on since I was 24 years old, in this context, so I will fix that here.

Charlotte Perrelli, 42, felt that her new style in the song "My life" would not go to the final of the Eurovision song contest in 2017.

– I will go out with your head before, ” said Perrelli before the first round of the season at the Scandinavium arena in Gothenburg, sweden.

And schlagerveteranen, as both have won the Eurovision Song Contest and programlett the Eurovision song contest, got it right. Defeated by, among others, Ace Wilder and Nano, she went out immediately.

Charlotte Perrellis husband Anders Jensen tried to comfort his love, when she had received the news – but she didn’t want to have any consolation.

– "Oh are you sad?" he asked. I said, "No, I’m not darling. I can do this!" … I have been spotted on since I was 24 years old, in this context, so I will fix that here, ” says the singer in the Nöjesbladets live tv.

But it is surely a disappointment?

– Jo. There is no one that sets up in a race to come last. It is clear that it would have been fun to go to the Second chance. But I’ve been prepared that this is hard to do. But it feels like a good forum where I want to tell you something.

Charlotte Perrelli is still very happy with her performance during the evening.

– I did the best I could. This is a difficult song to compete with. For many sitting with chips and fettiga fingers and partygoers, so maybe it is a difficult song to learn.

The beloved singer is strengthened by fans ‘ support in social media.

– If you look at how my insta looks, which is completely nerbombad, so all writes it was wonderful with someone who’s singing something that feels authentic and heartfelt. Those who like it, like it. Then there are those who don’t like it, and they like something else, ” she notes.

Sweden: "I am a realist,"

That the significantly less seasoned Ace Wilder went directly to the final was no surprise.

– I knew that the Ace has the world’s poppigaste let. I thought not: "Oh, now go Ace out and I take a final"… I’m a realist, ” says Charlotte Perrelli to Nöjesbladets tv team.

Mellodebutanten Adrijana, 19, had to leave the competition already halfway into the show in Gothenburg. Also Dinah Nah went out.

Nöjesbladets readers who have voted on the site had Charlotte Perrelli as one of their two favorites, along with Ace Wilder.

the Text is updated.


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