Thursday, February 2, 2017

Friends mourn Lars-Erik Berenett – Expressen

“Hazel”-the actor Lars-Erik Berenett has passed away, 74 years old.

Now mourned by his friends and colleagues.

“He was a pleasant man, witty and intelligent,” says the actor Allan Svensson.

Lars-Erik Berenett has died on Wednesday.

He was 74 years old.

Berenett is for the majority of the most known by the police as Roland Hassel in the dozen or so “Hazel”-films made. He also had a role in “Different worlds”.

Now he remembers of his friends and old co-workers.

” He was a pleasant man, witty and intelligent. He was fun to work with, ” says the actor Allan Svensson who played with him in the ten “Hazel”movies.

Sven Wollter was both a close friend and had familjeanslutning to Lars-Erik Berenett. He is very sad when he reached of the dödsbeskedet.

” It is very sad. I am so terribly sorry for that Lasse is more. Not just because we had a friendship that was different, but also for children. I know them. Above all, Lina is my child, and her half-brother, Matti, ” he says to Aftonbladet.

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the Actor Bert-Åke Varg worked with Lars-Erik Berenett in the 70′s.

“He was a rare nice and friendly person,” he says, and calls him a “very good” as an actor.

“He got better and better with the years,” continues Bert-Åke Varg.

the Actor Henrik Norlén he was also sad Berenetts death. On his Instagram mourn he the actor.

“NOOO!!! Loved Lars-Erik!! So sad!! Can’t be bothered!! Rest in peace “dad” “father” “boss,” “colleague,” and above all inspiration!! You will be so missed!!” he writes to a picture of the actor.

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