Monday, February 6, 2017

Lady Gaga’s Trump-tackle during the Super Bowl – Göteborgs-Posten

Fun has Sent subtle greeting to Donald Trump.

the Superstar Lady Gaga has not escaped in the chair with her anger and frustration of newly appointed president, Donald Trumps policy. Therefore, the expected many of her fans to the star would make a strong move when she the night of Monday, appeared in the break for the Super Bowl final in american football.

And yes, it was a spectacular show with a Lady Gaga who burned of a few hits at the same time as she flew through the air, hammered on his piano and threw himself off the stage to catch a football. Afterwards grymtades however, there is a part that she hadn’t actually dissat Donald Trump.

Sang Woody Guthrie

but yes, there were still a political cusp, which, among others, uk’s The Independent points out. Already as the second song interpreted Lady Gaga folksångaren Woody Guthries classic This land is your land. It is a song that is about the united states all belong and which was written as an outraged response to Irving Berlin’s patriotic god bless America.

the Independent also notes that Woody Guthrie during the 50′s, the accused Fred Trump. Donald’s father, of racism. Guthrie said that Trump, a major property owner in Brooklyn, discriminated against black tenants.

Gaga: I don’t know if I’m the one America

the Face of Gaga’s Super Bowl show, there have been unconfirmed information that the management of the football league, the NFL, has called on Lady Gaga to not be political during his appearance. Something that the NFL, however, has denied and instead made sure that they gave her full artistic freedom.

Before the show, said of Lady Gaga:

” I believe passionately in inclusion. In I believe in equality and that this country has a soul full of love, empathy, and thoughtfulness. My show will pay tribute to this, but I don’t know if I will succeed in one America, you have to ask America after the show.”

the Super Bowl is the year’s biggest television event in the united states and a huge storefront. It is also considered to be a great honor to perform in the break. Among the stars who previously brassat on during the intense twelve minutes are Beyoncé, Prince, U2 and Bruce Springsteen.


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