Friday, February 3, 2017

Elsa Billgren: “I am fighting for my life” – Expressen

Elsa Billgren, 31, has had surgery to remove their womb.

It tells the tv-profile in his blog.

“I am fighting for my life,” she writes on her blog.

“home at last”-profile of Elsa Billgren, had their first child during the last summer. Now she says via her blog about how she woke up next to the son after having surgery to remove their womb.

“yesterday, I was 30 years old and it feels like a totally different chapter in my life. Today I fill 31 years and wake up without a uterus but with my son by my side. Entirely new conditions of life, a lot of fight and fear left, but now I’m in all the cases, past a large hill of it,” she writes.

Told before: the Worst winter in my life

Billgren told me earlier in the year about his health and then said that everything could be felt pitch black one moment before she realized that she has a baby to take care of.

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She also promised that she will, in due course of time would tell you about what was going on when she knew more. Elsa Billgren says that the winter has been the worst in her life – but also the best.

“Best I’ve got a kid that I love more than I thought was possible”, she writes and continues:

“The worst for that I am fighting for my life.”

Barnbesked for the holidays

It was in June last year as Elsa Billgren had a son together with her husband, Pontus De Wolfe, 34. They told me that they were expecting children for a holiday and called it “the finest you can get home from Palma”.

She did not tell in the blog about why she has undergone a hysterectomy, but is hopeful of a green lively spring that is full of adventure.

“You never know where life’s path takes. One moment you think you have everything under control, the other one stands there and holds in itself, while the father of himself. Most importantly, however, it still is, and I will always be preserved, here and now, and every day,” concludes Elsa Billgren.

Expressen has been in contact with Elsa Billgren, who refers to his blog.

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