Sunday, February 5, 2017

So, we celebrated Felix Herngren on the 50-anniversary – Aftonbladet

Felix Herngren.Photo: Magnus Sandberg

Felix Herngren has reached the age of 50 years.

Friends and industry peers-acclaimed, therefore, "the Sunny side"-the creator of a great party, where the birthday boy laid the mic.

film Director, actor and comedian Felix Herngren, sweden has over 50 years of age. Filip & Fredrik drew the attention of his friend by to "kidnap" him to the "Breaking news"-the studio in a week.

On Saturday wanted more friends and colleagues celebrate Herngren properly. At the Hallwyl museum in central Stockholm, it was a big party for the creator of the tittarsuccén "the Sunny side".

The well-known guests sharing cheerfully with him of the party on Instagram and Herngren offer himself, when he raps about partying fat, together with the comedian and actor Henrik Dorsin.

Mauro Scocco also entertained at the big party.

Hosts Petra Mede, Fredrik Wikingsson, Filip Hammar and Fredrik Lindström were all on the 50th anniversary. "Breaking news"-the duo has shared the prestationsångesten face to keep the speech to the Herngren, sweden.

Thanks to Instagram can all uninvited figure out to guests at least were treated to asparagus, chocolate and cream.

party fixer Micael Bindefeld tags balunsen with the "best party ever". "Parneviks"-famous Mia Parnevik partar with "Torpedos"-skådisen Leo Razzak and the blogger and the entrepreneur Anitha Schulman.

Actor David Hellenius and host samuel west partying also for Felix Herngren, in the company of 50-see her bold fashion wife Clara Byström Herngren.


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