Friday, February 3, 2017

Markus Larsson Aftonbladet

here can you expect of the Mellons first season

GOTHENBURG. The fall between the worst and the best is, as usual, breathtaking.

And hold out to allow seven.


Markus Larsson put the score on Saturday’s Mello-contribution

Earlier in the week, happened to my dear colleague, Torbjörn Ek look straight into a tv camera and say:

"Welcome to the Eurovision song contest 2007!"

Um, ten years here or there. But I can understand Tobbes lovable mistakes.

Often it feels as if we are sitting and watching the same race over and over again in a evighetsloop.

Was not Boris René with in the last year? It is true.

Ace Wilder again? She can apparently not get enough.

And is not David Lindgren with each and every year? Yes, but this time as a presenter. The next year, he takes care of safely if konfettin.

Dinah Nah play Charlotte Perrelli

already have närstuderat this year’s program soon notice that the 2017 reminds very much of 2016. Unexpectedly, many artists are returning directly.

But who is that gravallvarliga indieartisten in gothic shades of color in the middle of the set? She with the sparkly guitar? It is Charlotte Perrelli? Are you sure it is?

And in the same race trying to Dinah Nah play the old Charlotte Perrelli? It’s starting to become a little bit confusing.

But that competition does not develop is the wind.

ten years ago, would one let the Nanos "Hold on" has been impossible in the Eurovision song contest. Now is the favorittippad.

the Music must, in a completely different way than before, able to live outside the bubble. Today they will compete against the best poplåtarna on streamed charts.

And "Hold on" is race the best bet.

pretty much speaks for Nano

If last year’s trend holds, that new and unfamiliar names are voted on in place of the older and more established names, speak the right deal for Nano in the evening.

But most likely, the hosts, and the content between the contributions to be subjected to the worst scrutiny.

please take Hasse Andersson, David Lindgren and Clara Henry a thought in the evening. They have no easy task. Obviously not the writers, either.

content producers to follow up on one of the competition’s most successful years. That led to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, where, among other things Petra Mede shone more than any other presenters in the event’s modern time, was awarded with the Europe’s biggest tv awards: the Rose d’or.

And when no cliff, as the Gina Dirawi visible in the box, and for example, when the molly ringwald are busy with other things so throw the SVT set – modern dance.

Are we there again?

But for the good the tuning’s sake can we save the comments on the other elements for a while.

Here, however, a small sample:

During the rehearsal in Gothenburg, went one of the jokes that Hasse Andersson mistaken the word "collection" with the surname Ingrosso.

The level.


Markus Larsson put the score on Saturday’s Mello-contribution


Her version


If there is no justice shall "Hold on" on. Directly. No j-a second chance now.

Ace Wilder
Someone has to stop between four and eight in the final also.

Second chance

Boris René
Sure you can, Ricky Martin-cover work.

They know you
If the kids get to choose it will be the Volkswagen swag.


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