Thursday, February 9, 2017

Time Out is making a comeback on TV4 in sweden – Aftonbladet

Anders Jansson to become the new presenter Martin Timell is changed

Time out for Martin Timell.

He has collided format since 2003, but when the "Time Out" makes the first show on TV4, it is with Anders Jansson of the archipelago.

– They wanted to have a change, ” says ty pennington.

The entertainment programme "Time out" is making a comeback on the TV4 – with the new hostess. Comedian Anders Jansson, 49, takes over from ty pennington, 59.

But ty pennington takes the news with quiet.

– TV4 decides sometimes to change the of winning, it is not queerer than that. They wanted to have a change simply. It’s nothing dramatic, ” he says to Aftonbladet.

in addition, He has a busy spring ahead of them, with the show "home at last" and "Fuskbyggaren" with Anders Öfvergård on the schedule. It had been difficult to squeeze in "Time Out" also.

– No, I have enough and will be over, but it is clear I will miss it for it is a great fun program to do.

What do you say about your successor, Anders Jansson?

– I actually have no idea! I have not seen anything of him since in the past, but it is certainly good. And with Annika Andersson and Robert Gustafsson as the anchor, it can not be anything other than a success, ” says ty pennington.

At his side, Anders Jansson of its standing parliamentarian Robert Gustafsson and Annika Andersson. Together with the Swedish humorelit, and the greatest sports stars, they will compete on who has the best track on the sport.

– It will be great to do this program. I like both sports and quiz."Time Out" is interesting because it is a program with sports stars who are extremely good at one thing, and comedian who is not really good at anything, says Anders Jansson in a press release.

Comedians and sports stars visit the program

In the premiere, February 20, featured the program of the comedians Babben Larsson and thomas Dekker and the swimmer Sarah Sjöström, footballer Lotta Schelin.

More comedians during the season are, among others: David, Ann Westin, Måns Möller and Özz Nûjen. Among idrottsstjärnorna be seen: Anders Limping, Jenny Rissveds, Danijela Rundqvist, J-O Waldner, Robin Soderling, Khaddi Sagnia, Angelica Bengtsson, Björn Ferry, Klara Svensson, Isabelle Gulldén, Kevin Walker, Stefan Holm and Ida In gemarsdotter.


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