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Swedish opera tenor Nicolai Gedda is dead – financial times

Rickard Söderberg: He was totally unique

Swedish opera singer and tenor Nicolai Gedda is dead.

– He is without doubt one of the biggest we had, ” says the opera singer Rickard Söderberg.

opera Singer Nicolai Gedda died in January at his home near the swiss Lausanne. He was 91 years old.

the Announcement came on Thursday after the family announced his passing.

Nicolai Gedda was one of Sweden’s greatest tenors and worked at all the world’s major opera houses. He was born in 1925 and made his debut in 1952 at the Royal Opera house as Chapelou in "god loves you, from Longjumeau." The following year, he launched a världskarriär when he visited La Scala in Milan, writes TT.

Soprano Kjerstin Dellert remember when Nicolai Gedda made his debut at the Royal Opera house.

– It was completely unbelievable. It was absolutely sensational and people were standing in line to buy tickets. He really had a beautiful tenor voice, ” she says.

They sang together many times and were friends.

– He made an international career that not so many swedes did, ” says Kjerstin Dellert.

"One of the really big"

Rickard Söderberg, singer, reached by the news of Nicolai Geddas death on Thursday.

– I’m sitting right now and listen to his music, ” says Rickard Söderberg when Aftonbladet reaches him on the phone.

He describes him as one of Sweden’s greatest singers.

– He is one of the true greats from the golden age. He is without doubt one of the biggest we had, ” says Rickard Söderberg.

What will you remember of him?

– His beautiful tone and incredible height, his technology, and language processing. He spoke six languages fluently, he was completely unique.

Rickard Söderberg has met Nicolai Gedda several times, and is itself inspired by tenorens song.

– the final scene of his recording of Carmen, I think I’ve listened to ten thousand times. I have listened so much on him.

What are you thinking of now?

– Now I think of those who are with him near, the family and relatives. For them, it is a sadness, really. But for the opera world, it is not sadness, but a happiness that he had been with us for so long and that there will be so much left of him. He will always live on, ” says Rickard Söderberg.


A star has fallen silent


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