Sunday, February 5, 2017

“Björn Granath stood in the role services” – Expressen

Björn Granath has always been a companion in the theatre world.

Maria Edström is one of the many who will miss the spot of the actor.

So very sad to traskandes in snömodden an overcast Sunday afternoon can be reached by the news that Björn Granath, has died. And he goes for the early – Björn Granath was not finished, had not withdrawn or made to.

on the Contrary, he was up to date in a movie soon to premiere, just now I saw his set of "Özz Nûjen makes Richard III" where Granaths omutliga but empathetic direction made the Nûjen did exactly what he would in exactly the right way.

Later in the fall, I encountered Granath in an Eco-broadcast when the Dario Fo had died. And with the man who introduced and cultivated Osf drama here in Sweden, so had the Echo in a jiffy the kunnigaste the expert. Where they were in the shelter.

Tältprojektet 1977

It feels as if Björn Granath has been a companion in the theatre world from the outset. I saw the "Tältprojektet" in 1977, which became the era’s cultural, political and aesthetic reference – still when I am hungry will the lines singing in my head: "We want bread, we want to have potatoes. We want to have warm food when we are working!"

Dario fo "We won’t pay! We won’t pay!" by Granath and Kim Anderzon at Pistolteatern was a pyramidal success and took the breath out of me and the rest of the audience and played for years. Other stockholmsteatrar with a bold agenda where Granath impressed is the Jewish theatre, the Blue Bird and Brunnsgatan 4 in. And to someone who struggled with Dario Fo also has a natural aptitude for the wide address is given; his commissioner Loman in “the Jönsson-league and the black diamond” is unforgettable with his: “This is not a hat, it is a personality.”

the royal dramatic theatre, the home base

the home base, ultimately becoming the royal dramatic theatre and beats the man in the theatre’s archives so you can see how much he has done; all of these playwrights, directors – a piece of modern theatre – or more accurately, the history of culture. And to all the colleagues, now testifies to how wonderful it was to work with Granath doesn’t surprise.

Granath had a discount card. in the P1 Kulturredaktions Nobelprissändningar in decades. When the price announced was scuttled it down in the Swedish Radio library and up came the lyrics, as Granath just took so there, without a doubt, needed barely taste the lines were all there, so precise and so natural and relaxed.

Relaxed, but total concentration and always keen on something new. For it is the same if you look in the Swedish Radio archive – the writers or the director who he met in a reading or in a radioföreställning is not the host name.

Granaths omisskänliga style

And always with Björn Granaths unmistakable style – no need stjärnspel but just a genuine desire to put themselves in the role services, make it a mission to give the audience a full design. And where he with the voice and body, could stretch its capabilities far beyond what you usually see on the Swedish scenes.

The only consolation now is see Granath in the film "the Borg/McEnroe" as been dating an unknown man Bengt Grive – a so accurate cast! Or no, by the way, it’s no real consolation. It would have been better to see it and then be able to go and see him again as the Buckingham – where he shows a mästerprov on his understated, distinctive style – in “Richard III” at the royal dramatic theatre.

Maria Edström is had on the Swedish newspaper Expressen kultursida.


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