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So remember friends, Stig Grybe – Expressen

the Revue-actor Stig Grybe has passed away, 88 years old.

Now he remembers of their friends and colleagues.

“He was a very nice person, we have had so much fun together,” says his friend, Bert-Åke Varg.

the Actor Stig Grybe has passed away, 88 years old.

the Revue-the legend had been ill for a long time, and went away during Wednesday evening.

It confirms daughter Isabella to the newspaper Aftonbladet.

” Dad passed away peacefully yesterday evening after a period of illness. We in the family asks to be left in peace in this mode, ” she says to the newspaper.

Now remember Grybe of his old friends and colleagues.

Bert-Åke Varg, 84, had known Grybe for a very long time, and began to make revues with him already in the 50′s.

Very sad that he passed away. We have done a lot, both in revues and plays in the tv together. We started to play together already 1959-1960, ” says the Wolf.

Bert-Åke Varg kept in contact with his friend through the years, and talked with him just a month ago, ” he says.

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felt the old colleague and friend is not particularly good.

” I talked to him a month ago, and realized that he was not feeling really good. He had a hard time to go, and also said that he was not feeling particularly good, ” says his friend, Bert-Åke Varg.

the Actor says that he will remember Stig Grybe for his friendship.

” He was a very nice person, we have had so much fun together. He was a very nice companion. It is very sad when fine friends are going away, ” says Bert-Åke Varg.

the Actress Christina Schollin, 79, worked a lot together with Stig Grybe, and remember their many performances with the heat.

” We worked for many years together in various productions, both at Folket in Stockholm, and on tour with Riksteatern. I remember with joy all of our performances together, ” she says.

Schollin and Grybe were friends even in private, but had not seen for a long time, then he moved away from Stockholm.

“We have associated private very much, but not so much recently since he moved,” she says, and continues:

” I will remember him as a great colleague, companion and friend. He was very nice, Stig Grybe, I loved to work with him. I will remember him with joy, ” says Christina Schollin.

the Comedian Sissela Kyle worked with humorserien “Grog” in 2000, and has a nice picture of the actor.

– What boring. I liked him very much, he was clever and funny, with a twinkle in the eye, ” says Sissela Kyle.

Director Pernilla Skifs worked together with Stig Grybe on the show “Karlsson on the roof”.

” He was fantastic, both as a person and as an actor. He was extremely warm and friendly, easy to deal with. He was very professional, and there was no strange divalater, says Pernilla Skifs.

One of the Grybes very last roles was as the Elf in the christmas calendar “the Beard in the mailbox”. Comedian Anders Johansson remember Grybe with the heat.

” We worked with him in a month. He was a man that was extremely positive, and spread much joy. He thought it was important that we had a nice time. I remember that he often gave a a big hug and said: "Now we were damn good".

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