Thursday, February 9, 2017

The coin cabinet has not money to pay the rent – the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet

The 31 march closing several of the exhibits at the Royal coin cabinet. The museum’s ground floor, with the exhibition of all the world’s money, are open until 20 August.

the coin cabinet will move instead of the Historical museum at Narvavägen.

coin cabinet, since 1996 has had its own and specially designed museum at Slottsbacken in the Old town. But now the lease with the property owner Folksam is terminated.

– The main reason for this decision is financial. Of Myntkabinettets appropriations of about one-half to the premises, which is not reasonable, ” says Maria Jansén, superintendent of the State historical museums, in a press release.

Even the Museum, far East museum of fine arts may be forced to leave its premises in Stockholm city centre because of high rents.

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