Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Meltzer & Berg makes a crazy stage show – Aftonbladet

RoomSketcher, guests and vocals – is unclear from whose mouth.

That’s what’s offered when Carina Berg and Christine Meltzer takes place in the spotlight at the Oscar Theatre stage.

– I think we will have trouble keeping us laughing, says Carina Berg.

It is two years since the program hosts Carina Berg , 37, and Christine Meltzer , 40, got together and drew the southern US road trip in Channel 5′s “Rock & amp; Meltzer in America. ” Since then they have been panic in Paris dark sewers and large fought in England in the future “Mountain & amp; Meltzer in Europe “.

Now the duo a new challenge. In autumn, they set up the stage show “Rock & amp; Meltzer Oscars “at the Oscars Theatre in Stockholm. For six nights, they offer “talks, dance and love.”

Now they bet on vocals

– We are so happy, it’s fantastic to do first “Mountain & amp ; Meltzer “in Europe, in America and now at the Oscars. It feels like a natural progression, says Carina Berg.

– We have traveled so much in our other television programs. Now it’s nice to get land at home a little bit and this feels like the best way to do it, says Christine Meltzer.

That couple may result in major television productions and be funny in sketch form, we have already seen samples of the “partying” and “Berg move into.” But the “Mountain & amp; Melzer at the Oscars “betting they also in a completely new element: singing.

” Heaven special feeling “

– There will be music, but we’ll see if it comes out of our or any else’s mouth. It depends on how it goes on the ropes, laughing Carina Berg.

What are the most difficult to go from TV to the stage?

– We have not yet has taken the stage, so we do not know, says Christine.

– I think we will have a hard time keeping us laughing. There will be a celestial special feeling when we stand on the stage and the curtain goes up. Very tumultuous, says Carina.

“Rock & amp; Meltzer Oscars “will also be broadcast on Channel 5 in the fall.


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