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Extensive program fills the Book Fair – Göteborgs-Posten

The Hungarian writer Péter Esterházy will. Masha Gessen will. Hops Whirring biology professor Dave Goulson will and Henrik Berggren to talk about the book of Brother Daniel. The Book Fair has presented its program of workshops and a wide range of guest writers.

Hungary, Iceland and freedom of speech is the Book Fair’s three major themes for the year, and it shows understood in the 388 seminars heavy exhibition program on Thursday presented at the Swedish Exhibition Centre.

Among the guests from the focus country Hungary, among others, Péter Esterházy, whose latest novel Markus version treats his noble family’s fortunes under communism, a book that will be the main focus of the seminar God, communism and melon fields in which the author converses with culture journalist Per Svensson.

Ingrid Elam, who during Thursday’s press conference gave an introduction to the Hungarian literature, said that it is a large and sprawling flora whose national literature has its roots in the 1500s.

– There is a literature to discover, she said, and told him about everything from 1800s romantic national poet Sandor Petofi to “the three great prose writers”: Imre Kertész ( Nobel Prize 2004), Péter Nádas and Péter Esterházy.

Daniel Levin, program Book Fair, especially looking forward to have Esterházy as a guest and he also highlights Noémi Szécsi, which will to the fair with his novel Finno-Ugric vampire.

– Esterházy is one of the great writers clearly. Noémi Szécsi has written a very funny and witty book that plays with Hungarian unit. A peculiarity of the Hungarian language is that it has no gender, and this is the workshop language without sex, which Noémi Szécsi participate in.

Choosing Hungary as the focus country attracted last fall some attention because of the political situation, where the national conservative party Fidesz during the party leader and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán developed country in an anti-democratic direction.

Daniel Levin think that the seminar program handles the political situation in Hungary well.

– the Book Fair’s focus on Hungary is primarily a way to lift the Hungarian literature. Obviously, the fair is also a place for public debate and the situation will also be raised at various stages and seminars.

One example is the seminar Media wars Hungary, a call arranged by the Swedish Pen on the media situation in Hungary, led by Gabriel Bystrom , former Head of Culture at the GP and author of the book Silence triumph. Participating is a philosopher and media researcher Eszter Babarczy and journalists Attila Mong and András Stumpf.

The freedom of expression is a theme for this year’s Book Fair is already noticeable on the cover of the seminar program, which is graced by the Russian- American journalist and author Masha Gessen, which among other things criticized Putin in The Man Without a Face from 2012 and written about Pussy Riot in the book Words can crush concrete. Masha Gessen come to the fair to talk about the state of freedom in the world in 2015 along with Dutch-American professor of human rights and journalism, Mr Buruma.

The Icelandic theme , flavored with a range of Icelandic authors in place, among other Jón Kalman Stefánsson, Audur Ólafsdóttir and Einar Már Gudmundsson.

Among the news at this year’s fair are a number of new and new-old scenes, like Health & amp; Lifestyle that grows and moves down to the 1st floor, new scene Crime Scene where Nordic noir, police detective and murder and magic are some themes and new Psychology scene.

The Book Fair is also investing further to increase the reading, particularly with a focus on young people’s reading and the role of the school. One example is the seminar hostlov will Läslov, with the goal to autumn holiday week 44 will be inscribed as läslov in the curriculum from 2016. Contributors include cultural and Democracy Minister Alice Bah Kuhnke and Education Minister Gustav Fridolin.

program manager Daniel Levin look forward to some hectic days in September where he hopes to catch that in any case listen to some of the seminars he and his colleagues are now working intensively.

– I look forward very much on the show, I would like to try to see Masha Gessen, I think that will be an interesting conversation. Also Dave Goulson, who wrote the book Crazy in bumblebees and seminar Broder Daniel on Sunday afternoon I’ll try to keep up.

The Book Fair will be held September 24 to 27.

Facts: Book Fair 2015

Among the Book Fair about 100 international guest authors include, among others:

Ian McEwan

Conn Iggulden

Antony Beevor

Paula Hawkins

Daniel Kehlmann

Laini Taylor

Sally Green

Guadalupe Nettel

Norman Manea


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