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First interview with Jeremy Clarkson after parting – what happens? – Auto Motor & Sport

In the radio program “The Chris Evans Breakfast Show” on BBC Radio 2, gives Jeremy Clarkson her first interview after parting from Top Gear. For boyfriend Chris Evans says Clarkson that nothing is decided for a continuation with Richard Hammond and James May, but that one listens to suggestions. “Top Gear was my baby, but it was my own stupid fault that I got fired,” says Jeremy Clarkson in the interview.

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Jeremy Clarksons in the radio program “The Chris Evans Breakfast Show “, on BBC Radio 2. Now we know what’s up.

In early March, we received out that the TV host Jeremy Clarkson been banned from Top Gear after a violent brawl with a producer. It was the last straw for the BBC who gave Jeremy Clarkson fired from Top Gear.

During the spring it has been buzzing with rumors about what will happen with Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear and the other two presenters Richard Hammond and James May. Latest rumor told that the three program leaders negotiated a continuation with a new show, “House of Cars” at Netflix.

Some interviews Jeremy Clarkson did not give and much more information than it was in his own column in the Sunday Times, we have not received. But today, May 21st, gave Jeremy Clarkson her first interview in “The Chris Evans Breakfast Show” on BBC Radio 2. Jeremy chose Chris Evans is no accident, they are both car enthusiasts and friend Evans is known for its large collection of Ferrari models. We reproduce the interview below, in abbreviated condition.

Chris Evans, CE: What now?
Jeremy Clarkson, JC: I should at least not become a milkman, not with the working hours. We will do the show again, but with a new name. I was really ready to leave, go somewhere else. I write columns for newspapers now. And that is as it is. But it was my own stupid fault that I was fired. I can not whine for it.
Top Gear was my ‘baby’, still working with the program for so many years. Devoted so much energy to everything, all the little details. When it ended, it became it became a big empty hole that must be filled. I like the BBC, although there are some terrible people. But many wonderful, talented people, too.

CE: Will there be a final farewell program?
JC: There is one last thing, a charity show, Top Gear Live. I really love Top Gear, so it will be emotional.

CE: How will it be with the idea of ​​the “House of Cars” that we have seen?
JC Do you know, what we really are working on, is a television program about floral decorations. You may use special vases, go and pick exotic flowers and stuff. No I do not know. Honestly. Absolutely quite honestly. After 27 years inside the BBC you get to come out and learn how the world works. I do now. And meanwhile, I get really good at tennis. But no, we do not know.

CE: You have been talking with the production company, had meetings?
JC: Yes. We have not had any meetings. We have listened.

CE: When will an indication of what it will be?
JC: In a few weeks, months? We do not know. Everything happened so suddenly, you can not just jump into something.

CE: You do not know?
JC: Yes. I do not know. Quite honestly.

CE: There are three recorded episodes that we did not see, what happens to them?
JC: Not the strongest episodes of Top Gear, maybe . But they are completed right now. They will appear at some point. I do not know.
We did an episode about buying older cars for a low fee, and a section on classic car. The edited Thus now. And ought to be shown by the BBC for license fee payers have already put out money for them.

No special concrete information, that is. We will wait and see what happens with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. But it seems as if there will be any kind of continuation, in different format and with different name.

• Clarkson, Hammond and May back in the new show

• Is this the three new presenters of Top Gear


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I really hope that Jeremy Clarkson is continuing with a new TV program about cars!



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