Thursday, May 21, 2015

So poppis is new Dunkers manager – Helsingborgs Dagblad

“Hans – hear Feel free to Dunker so that we get to hear your thoughts. Dunkers belongs to the all helsingborgers! Address happy to direct me! All good, Olof, “replied the prospective boss.

Are you a bit eager to get to work or?

– Yes, but absolute. So it is after all. Since one can always strike a balance of how much to get involved in various social media, says Olof Lindqvist.

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Many people have heard of themselves and congratulated to the new service and Olof Lindqvist will follow what is written on the topic in future.

– Now, here at the beginning to get the fit to be active, then fade it well off, he says.

The reactions to the new head is generally positive from the cultural neighbors in Helsingborg.

Max Granström manage the city theater and he looks forward to working with Olof Lindqvist and the Dunkers.

– Yes, we’ll probably be able to live in the best-neighborliness. I have great confidence in him, both as a leader but also as a cultural personality. We have met several times and, among other things, his commitment from Regionteater West where he worked in theater for children and young people, he has done very well, he said.

Next year must is withheld scenkonstbinnenal for children and young people in Helsingborg and there will be an opportunity for enhanced and very suitable cooperation between the Municipal Theatre and Dunkers says Max Granström.

From the Cultural Committee is also sympathetic to the new boss.

– I am convinced that Olof Lindqvist with his knowledge and his experience can give the house the best conditions today and for the future, says chairman Kristian Andersson (M).

BjörnTufvesson Alm (S) vice chairman and so positive he said.

– He seems exciting I think. He is theatrical humans can probably also be important. It is always positive with new approaches, says Björn Tufvesson Alm.


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