Sunday, May 17, 2015

Patrik Andersson close to tears in the “Eternal Glory” – Aftonbladet

Here is Patrik Andersson close to tears “Masters champion.”

The own goal in the dramatic Bundesliga game of 2001 evokes feelings.

– It feels just as good every time I look at it, says Patrik Andersson.

The group final in the “Eternal Glory” tonight. This means that the remaining champions in group two, Helen A Johansson, Sara Eriksson Dikanda, Anna Carin Zidek and Patrik Andersson makes up for the two to move on to the final.

But it is not only the risk of go out that arouses emotions. During the program, participants see a movie about Patrik Andersson’s life and when it is time for the dramatic Bundesliga victory when Patrik Andersson fired Bayern Munich to win, it becomes emotional.

– It feels just as good every time I Looking at it, says Patrik Andersson.

You looked to be close to shed a tear when you saw the goal, it was so?

– I was moved. It was a day of hope, despair. Especially now when you know what took place in Gelsenkirchen where Schalke had already begun to celebrate the Bundesliga title. Then they become aware that the game is still going on in Hamburg. Football is all about that feeling.

Patrik Andersson remember the indescribable joy when he scored the goal.

– It was a total euphoria.

Are you watching often this objective?

– Not very often.

The biggest winner heads

During the program, says Patrik Andersson that he plays football to win . Equally important is for him to take home “Mästernas champions”.

– But then of course you should compete for it. One does not go all the way at every step but it is about the setting.

Patrik Andersson believes that he and Sara Eriksson Dikanda is the biggest winner heads in group two.

– When I picked her to my team, she was disappointed because it meant that she could not gain points on me, it’s a good property, he says and laughs.

In the evening’s program allows participants also included in the brutal Sisyphus Day competition as a heavy ball to be putted up a steep hill. But it was the beep test on the beach which was the worst for Patrik Andersson.

– I am incredibly strong legs but there was no advantage because we ran in the stone where the weight makes you fall for every step you take. It sucked well.


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