Friday, May 29, 2015

260 new million with height biomoms – Swedish Radio

If the previous conservative government most focused on the film policy could contribute to employment and economic development, is the red-green government a different view of why more tax money will be used to keep running Swedish film.

memo that goes out for consultation today notes the Ministry of Culture that film is one of the most important forms of expression in our times and that the art form is of great importance for democracy and freedom of expression and therefore a common political concern.

It is not the words such as nutrition and entrepreneurship as the government now wants to scrap the over 50-year-old movie contract and take over responsibility from the industry. And it also allows those most affected by the changes are the cinemas and eventually moviegoers who probably get more expensive tickets.

The Swedish film from 2017, financed by a height Cinema VAT is clear already, but memorandum strikes Culture Ministry stated that it means 260 million new billion net extra into the Treasury, and that it more than covers the hole that will be when the contract disappears.

Otherwise breathe draft a will to produce more films based on other than books, to support the film that is not made directly for the cinema, but as video on demand services or television. But also to discourage the audience will have to wait for long to see a film that has received public support.

The film industry has until early August in which to come up with responses to the proposal.


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