Saturday, May 16, 2015

He makes the new version of “The Emigrants” – Aftonbladet

CANNES. One of Swedish literature’s greatest classics will again become great movie: Vilhelm Moberg-book “The Emigrants”.

– A story only to be told again. Especially in these times of refugees who risk their lives on the Mediterranean, says director Daniel Espinosa.

When I interviewed him a few weeks ago, he told that there were plans to film a Swedish classic.

I tried to fool out of him something, but he stubbornly refused to say a single word.

– Do I say something, you might figures out there for the last …

Now revealed the project

But at the Film of the West press conference and lunch in Cannes unveiled the project.

He and producer Fredrik Wikstrom has dreamed of working together ever since the first “Fast Cash” movie.

– I read Vilhelm Moberg-book already at age 12 and has been carrying it with me ever since, says Fredrik .

– I tried to read it in school, but is dyslexic so it went no further. But now I read that says Daniél , which sees many similarities to what is happening today.

– There were a million people, almost 25 percent of the Swedish population, which suffered from hunger and risked their lives to perhaps get the better on the other side Atlantan. Many dramatic boating.

– It’s the same thing now, with the refugees in the Mediterranean and their life stories.

The filmmakers have received both Moberg-family and film director Jan Troell destiny to film the story.

Jan Troell made the films “The Emigrants” and “The New Land” in 1971 and 1972 with Max von Sydow and Liv Ullmann starring and large parts of Swedish actor little in other roles.

One of the champions

Two such classic films that probably no one thought that anyone would venture to these stories again.

– Jan Troell is one of the masters in film history, so I have no mind to do this better, just as good as possible, says Daniel Espinosa.

The first book is filmed

This time, confining itself to film the first book. Until further notice, the plan is that, in any case.

– We will not make any intersection between film and television series, no one really damn good movie. Ending with their arrival to New York, says Fredrik Wikström.

Younger actors

You will have younger actors like Karl Oskar and Kristina than Jan Troell had.

– People think maybe not on it today, they think that they were so young at the time, but they were the 35 something. Actually, it was they who emigrated at the time of Sweden just over 20, people started a family and had children very early on at the time. So we are aiming for an actor at that age, says Fredrik Wikström.

The film is in is quite clear, he says. When is another question. Among other things, Daniel Espinosa is likely to make a new US film before then.


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