Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Helsingborg is a city of culture with both ambition and high tail carriage “- Helsingborgs Dagblad

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Someone Statement his leadership, he has not yet. And it is perhaps not so necessary. According to him, Dunker already a well-functioning institution, so some dramatic changes learns he can not come up with. But while he believes himself still able to contribute with new ideas.

He wants exemeplvis see even more cooperation between the institutions and associations.

– To collaborate and engage as many as possible are important. Dunkers culture should not be seen as extensible without wide, he said.

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One way is that just make new actors and organizations to the culture and create new compositions.

– I have worked a lot with children and young, in combination with the elderly. It will be very exciting, he said.

And it is probably also in the field, he has his dream project even if he thought so specifically on the .

– You always dream about that big composite art project where many art forms are included, and many people are involved, says Olof Lindqvist.

Maybe it can get rid of Helsingborg. The prospects teaches anyway be under him.

One thing he wants to put into the Helsingborg DEVICES relation to its Dunker. Where he must learn more and listen according to him.

One factor played the role Helsingborg chose him is his experience in the municipal. That he also worked in the Västra Götaland Region was also not a disadvantage. Something he can understand.

– I’m probably a rather odd bird that way. I have both the artistic and while communal experience. But it is important to understand the local and regional structures in order to act in a good way in them, he says.

Helsingborg is not no Unknown arena for Olof Lindqvist. As a student, he read in both Malmö and Lund and Malmö, he also as a director set up a number of plays throughout the years.

Helsingborg is the city that has been a bit on the outskirts but also close and a city he often visited. Most recently, during the holidays with the whole family and then it was also excursions in northwest Skåne.

Someone fled with the whole family to Helsingborg will be the maybe. But not right now. The wife plugs as well as the children and they make it clear. Meanwhile acquire himself an overnight apartment and so he looks, surprisingly, a few months ago, forward an infrastructure improvement.

– Hallandsås Tunnel opens the in December and then it should only take an hour and a half to take from Gothenburg, where I live, to Helsingborg and I’m looking forward to, says Olof Lindqvist.


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