Saturday, May 16, 2015

Måns doing all right – but production down to it – Aftonbladet

Vienna . He’s doing all right.

But the production still causes trouble to the technology in male Zelmerlöws number.

– I do not know what is not working so I mostly sit and wait, says Måns after rehearsal.

Mans Zelmerlöws second rehearsal on the Eurovision Song Contest stage in Wiener Stadthalle continued to mess technically.

Small maladjustments makes the issue ends up distorted, so Måns and dash old man does not sync properly.

Mans skew

There Zelmerlöw doing all right from the start, production has still problems with getting into background in exactly the right place and put the camera angles that it should not look like that Måns misaligned and out of sync in relation to what is happening with the bar man on the background screen.

After Måns sung through “Heroes” a Once forced production stop the clock keeps each country rehearsal on time, 20 minutes.

Extra rope scene technicians

You had to set the new cameras have been added since the first rehearsal and its positions exactly right. Moreover, stage technicians scratch several times to carry out the screen and mark the exact location Mans should stand.

The second time Måns will sing through the “Heroes” broken music after only a few lines of text.

Total takes the output three times before one gets into the background in exactly the right place.

Do you get annoyed when you do everything right, but behind you does not work?

– I do not know what it is that does not work, I do not know as much as I sat there and waited, says Måns after the rehearsal.

– Once they got off in the middle of the first verse because it was completely dark on the scene, but otherwise felt great, he said.

“Much to fiddle with”

In the third and last through jung no set everything finally right, and timing with the background worked for the first time spotless. It is also the final round of the artist, and the team must go through along with the production of the viewing room.

– Everything we talked about after the first rehearsal, I think this has happened now. There is still much we can fiddle around, but I’m super satisfied, says Måns Zelmerlöw.

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