Saturday, May 30, 2015

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Listen to Tiger Lily and just ate a burger from one of the food trucks in the premium area. Very good! But as the cost of course also 100 bucks.



It is only when the Ullevi is how empty that you realize how gigantic big it is. You feel very little and alone in the middle of the pitch with the stands around him. In a good way.



Wiktor: Yes, it is always more or less like this. Slightly more so this year when the weather is not with us.



Do you know if it was like this last year that no one was there at the opening?



Wiktor: He is in full swing. It’s him you hear on my very first rock for today. Not a single human being in place unfortunately.



Have Aguree already played then?



15:15 is the Tigerlily. Dare we hope for 200 in the audience then?



This is what it looked like when one of the world’s biggest popstars visited Ultra in Miami in March. Something like this, it will be 22:30 in the evening.



Avicii came by the way to Gothenburg in the night and took the opportunity to party a little with Axwell on any of the official after parties. So it seems pretty easy on the knee.



Tiger Lily, one of far too few female representatives on Summerburst, begins play for half an hour. Will check her in.



Here we go! Welcome to Summerburst day two.



Wiktor: Beautiful, as we heard later.



Good morning Daniel will be with you throughout the day:)



Have you woken up? Or maybe not even gone to sleep?
Get ready for day two of Summerburst at Ullevi. I’ll be there from noon 14th



Summer Burst is over for the day and it ends with Type 200 rockets around the Ullevi stadium, inside the Ullevi stadium, behind the Ullevi Stadium. Everywhere!



Haha, sickest pyrone in living memory. Movies coming soon. Out of the box now!



Wow, now all sit down and then jump up when the song started.
“We have not done for a long fat!”



Gotta Beat the Traffic! amirite?



o Axwell Ingrosso sprinting but at the same time, people start to get out from the Ullevi opposite short side. Applies the film til cart …;)



Yep, Do not You Worry Child!



They thought about blowing up the stage with pyrotechnics now?



Axwell: “Now we close down this fucking the club, right!”



So any sensory overload? One gets the nearly epilepsy to watch your clips .. haha: D



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