Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Super DJ to Norrköping – Norrköping Newspapers

Deadmau5, an iconic star in the electronic dance scene, are booked to Bråvalla Festival. With epic hits like “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” and “Strobe”, the Canadian DJ and producer danceable beats spread internationally.

Joel Zimmerman, who Deadmau5 actually called, was one of the early pioneers of the progressive house scene. Artist name comes from a story in which he found a dead mouse inside his computer in his parents’ home and began to use it as their internet name.

As eighteen years old, he used the video-game sounds to create chip melodies and he began selling electronic music to advertising . His strength is to produce, edit, and mix electronic music and 2015′s Deadmau5 both critically acclaimed and Grammy Nominated. The album ‘For Lack Of A Better Name “and” 4×4 = 12 “did he was named Best Artist at the International Dance Music Awards in Las Vegas, he has even its own holiday – Deadmau5 Day.


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