Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Out of the box – here are some of the highlights – Helsingborgs Dagblad

Ingvar Oldsberg lived when a couple of years back in the United States and was completely obsessed with his American colleague.

– We took a lot from his programs. Partly scenography as desktop and window behind me, that I threw stuff in all the time, but also other elements that would make it look spontaneous, says Ingvar Oldsberg.

Imitation turned to be a success.

– We had very high audience numbers, upwards of three million, says Oldsberg.

Letterman’s entry in the talk show scene can be summarized in one word: Deconstruction.

Predecessor as Merv Griffin, and especially Johnny Carson – as Letterman idolized – created an exclusive shimmer around the US entertainment culture, a shimmer Letterman hit in the debris. He said it best himself in an interview with Rolling Stone in 1988:

– It turns in my stomach when I think of television and entertainment industry . I want to say: “Do you not understand that this is just bullshit, created by big egos, and nothing else?” Nothing makes me angrier than seeing people who won the genetic lottery just go and become stars.

Letterman, whose program “Late Night” followed Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show” in the tableau, also got to accept that do not get access to the A-list celebrities such as Carson. He compensated for that odd guests – as a man who collected congealed food, or a woman who dressed up their parrots to the pop star Cyndi Lauper – and ironic elements that would become the standard for television comedy to come.

It was a outright subversion of the old TV standards, of a kind that the audience has never seen before. After the program, for example, managed to book the band Eagles drummer Don Henley let Letterman instead his screenwriters Ed Subitzky, who did not look a thing like Henley, sit in the chair and answer the questions.

Host David Hellenius remember He used to watch Letterman’s program every evening when it was broadcast on ZTV in the 90′s.

– I has become very inspired by his way of improvising and that he was just running. It’s a bit forbidden in Sweden. Hostess who just drive on may receive criticism, but he manages almost always, says Hellenius.

And he is not alone in having glanced at Letterman. His colleague Robin Paulsson says that when his own talk show “Robin” was in the planning stage, it was precisely Letterman’s program leadership something he looked closely at.

– Talk Shows dealing honest about filling time, and Letterman are very good at filling time in a fun way. It is a difficult art, says Robin Paulsson.

When the cameras stopped and studio lights extinguished on Wednesday it is a unique voice that is silenced for three decades.

– It is required a huge motivator to last that long. It’s a marathon he ran. He has made five programs a week basically year round. It can not compare with anything available here, says Robin Paulsson.


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