Monday, May 18, 2015

Eurovision manager: Of course he did not write the message – Aftonbladet

Despite several opportunities did not deny the Eurovision press officer that he tried to get Mans Zelmerlöw disqualified.

But now his manager Sietse Bakker out and claim that everything is invented.

– I trust the EBU, said the Swedish Head of Delegation Christer Bjorkman.

The plan was to Måns be washed. It writes the Greek media news site Typologies. They argue that the Eurovision Song Contest press manager Jarmo Siim via Facebook called a Greek journalist that:

“Between us, continue to attack the Swedish song and put pressure on us.”

When Nöjesbladet confronted Siim with the data he refused to deny that he had written the message despite several possibilities:

– I do not recognize that quote right now, he said.

Do you deny that you have written on Facebook to a Greek journalist that he’ll continue to go on the attack against the Swedish song?

– We communicate with journalists all the time of course, we encourage them always to exercise their freedom of expression of course.

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“Did not the message “

But now Siims boss, Sietse Bakker is the event director of Eurovision at the EBU, the European TV Union, out and claim that this message is certain is faked.

– Obviously wrote not Jarmo that message, he writes in an email.

He also questions the site Typologies credibility.

The Swedish Head of Delegation Christer Björkman says that he attracted the attention of this already this morning, but he chooses to believe in the declaration of the EBU.

– I took it up with the EBU on the head of delegation-breakfast in the morning and have received a response from them. In answer so they deny that this has been written, they say it is fake. I can only relate myself to the official response that I have received from the EBU and where it says that it is fake and it is the answer that applies for my part, I have no reason to speculate on in there because I trust the EBU says Bjorkman.

Mans Zelmerlöw try not to let the allegations affect him:

– I am very confident in my number so even if it were true, it would I do not see it as a big deal, he says diplomatically.

Similar crisis management earlier

The EBU has handled similar scandals in the same way before.

In 2013 revealed that unknown men tried to buy votes for Azerbaijan’s bill tried Eurovision top manager Jon Ola Sand to question the Lithuanian site and whether the video is real or not. Only when Nöjesbladet informed the sand that the site was owned by media group Schibsted also owns some of Norway’s and Sweden’s largest newspapers chose the EBU to take the allegations seriously and launched an investigation.


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