Sunday, May 17, 2015

Göran Lambertz interviewed by Filip and Fredrik – Aftonbladet

The season premiere of “Breaking News” is visited by none other than the Quick Team Göran Lambertz.

– It was a long time since Sweden had someone who has been so ridiculed, says Filip Hammar .

Tomorrow is the premiere of the fourth season of Filip and Fredrik “Breaking News”. Now you Nöjesbladet tell the duo’s first guest is Göran Lambertz .

– We probably will not take any solid grasp on what he stands in some issues but we think he is a fascinating man. It was long ago, Sweden had someone who has been exposed to such a hate campaign and become so laughed at. We want to find out who Göran Lambertz is, he is a perfect guest for “Breaking News”, says Filip Hammar .

The circus around the Thomas Quick , or Sture Bergwall that his real name, however, will be affected in any way.

– We have to explain who he is. We are also very curious about the Quick Team get-togethers, what does the gang when they seen?

“Magic to broadcast live”

Some major premiere nerves suffer Filip Hammar not of.

– but I’m super psyched, I’d forgotten how much fun this is. Fredrik and I are those who have a tendency to leave our program formats a little adrift but this is the fourth time we make “Breaking News”. It is a privilege to interpret Sweden each evening.

The biggest difference compared with Filip and Fredrik’s other programs are so clear that “Breaking News” broadcast live.

– A lot of stuff we do is the product of months of recording, post-production and editing. There is something incredibly magical about the meet in the morning and brainstorm what the program is going to be about and then send directly the evening. There is much to say about Sweden, both things that are important and things that are not. It’s fun to vent their frustration over the state of things.

– Meanwhile, we are very aware that it is becoming increasingly difficult to make linear television at 22.00. We only hope that people watching.

“Breaking News” is broadcast in Channel 5 at 22:00 in the morning. During the week, the program will among other things be attended by Krister Henriksson singer Josefine Jinder .

As Nöjesbladet earlier told will Filip and Fredrik also get help from Thorsten Flinck and Glenn Hysén .


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