Sunday, May 31, 2015

SVT revealed the strong reactions – Expressen

SVT directed the glory of “the Masters champion.”

At the same time showed no channel participants’ strong unpleasant reaction to the nasty underwater race.

– I do not like it, says Danijela Rundqvist.

After the tough branch gave Danijela Rundqvist’s gun habit her an easy victory over Bjorn Lind – when her shot hit the bull’s-eye.

Danijela Rundqvist jerked sharply and took home what looked to be an easy victory in the “Eternal Glory”.

But SVT revealed the participants reacted strongly against Mästarduellens initial underwater branch. There, they were forced contestants to hold their breath under water for three minutes.

– They reacted strongly to it and thought it was a pain. There was discomfort. Three minutes is pretty long time, and especially when stressed. It is all on being calm and not consume oxygen, says project manager Anders Wistbacka on the channel.

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Danijela Rundqvist was fear the cold.

– I do not like it. The water was cold for me. It was just to try to stay calm and focus. I could not hold my breath that long, she says.

Since the rivals would shoot the gun. A hit right on target did that gasoline ran down and a fire was lit.

Danijela Rundqvist only needed a couple of attempts to aim properly and take home the victory. But what viewers were not told is that she has the gun habit earlier.

A few years ago she beat Olympic hero and sport shooter Hakan Dahlby in pistol shooting during an event Swedish Shooting Sport Federation organized.

– I have pretty good sight. But I was shocked. I tested the electronics shooting, as against Dahlby. You’ve got a sight and be strictly something. It is like. But I have not trained otherwise, she says.

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On SVT do not contest that gives any advantage.

– We do not know who is going to the final. The branches are already defined. All is supposed to have its advantages and disadvantages. That’s the thing with the competition, says Anders Wistbacka.

The runner Björn Lind hugged Danijela immediately after the loss. Then he sprayed champagne over the winner.

On SVT says that victory scenes were about to get a happy feeling. Danijela lifting and kissing the trophy twice in the program.

– We always make additions if we missed any image. They could have received instructions: “As you can probably hugging”. But they also do things on his own. We want to have joy in the end. So that’s somebody who told them to show joy at the end. All competitions are correct, as they are, says Anders Wistbacka.


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