Sunday, May 24, 2015

Måns hailed – Russia scorned – Göteborgs-Posten

Mans Zelmerlöv hailed in social media during and after the final of the night. But many did also hilarious over top rival Russia and the political situation in Europe. Mostly with tongue in cheek, of course.

A bit into the vote reached the audience chants out the box. “Sweden! Sweden! Sweden!” were chanted inside the stadium just before Britain handed out twelve points successor to Sweden in particular.

And even on social media, it was clear that the Swede was a big favorite. Many wrote spontaneously out their congratulatory wishes on twitter after the final. Among other things, wrote Prime Minister Stephen Löfven on his Facebook page:

“Congratulations Mans! Celebrate properly now so I’ll call and congratulate on Monday.”

The winner’s appearance has been the focus internationally even before the finals . Among other hand BuzzFeed made an article about the Swede, entitled “The Swedish song contest winner is so stylish that it hurts.”

During the competition was the subject something that people in social media latched on. A person in one of the world’s largest internet forums Reddit signed Mans appearance:

“Sweden would certainly win on men behaved with even less clothing.”

But mostly it was the message of the the winning espoused. A French twitterers wrote:

“We are all heroes, no matter who we love and who we are – words to remember from the Swedish winner # ESC2015.”

spurt between Mans Zelmerlöw and runner-up Polina Gagarina from Russia was exciting until the very end. The Russian looked far out to win the whole race, but towards the end pulled the Swede off when the Russian contribution received low scores, of neighboring Lithuania even zero.

DN writes about the reactions of Russian Twitter when this happened. Jokes account dailykiselev were quick out there and wrote:

“And 12 bomber depart now … Lithuania!”

Also an editor of the German Der Spiegel hooked on the trend to link the music competition to the strained relations, Russia has a number of neighboring countries in Europe. On twitter, he put up a picture of President Putin of the forest environment and shirtless with the text:

“The winner of our hearts # ESC2015.”


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