Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mans: I am proud but not satisfied – Göteborgs-Posten

– I feel great relief and a great enthusiasm for Saturday, says Måns Zelmerlöw when the GP gets a brief chat with him on the performer hotel in Vienna

The time has become almost 01:30 at night when a tired but happy Mans Zelmerlöw arriving at the posh performer hotel in central Vienna. Surprisingly greeted and hailed him where the Moderates ditresta party leader Anna Kinberg Batra, who got chewed itself to Mans Zelmerlöw night personified the Social Democrats classic slogan of being “proud but not satisfied”.

– Yes, as it feels. I had a couple of small mistakes in the issue that bothers me a bit so completely happy, I am not.

I thought it was perfect? ​​

– No, not really . In the second verse, I threw into the light a little too fast in the wall and I snapped up the old man a centimeter too far to the right.

Yet you went to the finals?

– (laughter) I realize that I move the geek level, but I really want that number to be as good as possible.

How was it nerves?

– I tried to tell myself that it was just one more rep, that there was something not to get too flashover, and it worked. I felt pretty calm and am proud that I managed to direct the energy in the right direction.

What happens if you become överertänd?

– When I start flapping.

Flapping ..?

– I can not direct the energy toward the camera without spreading it in every possible direction. It’s no good.

How do you feel before the final on Saturday?

– It feels very good. I see Italy as the biggest threat, followed by Russia and Australia.

Where will you end up to be pleased with your effort?

– The top three, where I want to be, says Måns Zelmerlöw.

There, he will also end if you believe in the Swedish ESC delegation seasoned manager Christer Björkman, who was extremely pleased with Måns effort in the semifinals.

– I get a bit the same vibes in Baku when Loreen won. And that’s good. The difference is that Loreen only threats were a bunch of aged Russian old women, Måns has considerably tougher opposition.

But we win well on Saturday?

– I think actually there. We have the most unique number, the sharpest artist and the greatest entertainer. That should be enough.


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