Friday, May 15, 2015

This shows Steffo up their love – Tony – Expressen

Here is Steffo Törnquists tattoo coup against Toni Irving.

It was after the evening tango Steffo showed chest juror with a drawn tattoo.

– A bullfighter must have a bull … I’ve been like Ferdinand, he wears his hair, says Steffo Törnquist in the program.

In tonight’s “Let’s Dance” danced Steffo Törnqvist a tango. Tango went well before he stood before the judges for their criticism.

But when it was time for the judge Tony Irving to give their point of cut-off Steffo Törnquist.

– A matador must a bull … I’ve been like Ferdindand, he wears his hair, says Steffo Törnquist in the program and opens up the shiny, black shirt and showed his chest where he had a tattoo in the form of a red and green flower with a banner that says Tony.

Wilson: Has always been a big fan

But the tattoo gave no advantage when it came to criticism. When Steffo well could be assessed was the harsh words from the jury.

– I’ve always been a huge fan when you get out on the floor with your own safety, said Ann Wilson in the program.

– Today, I felt that you were trying a little too much, you disappeared into the dance and felt no strength from you, she says.

But maybe Tony became influenced by what happened after all and gave good critique to Steffos tango.

– Sorry Ann, I do not agree. You had groin forward, you had good posture and poise, says Tony.

– Very good.

cracked his pants

It is not the first time Steffo show skin the “Let’s Dance” -samanhang. But the last time it happened during a rehearsal when he cracked his pants. On Twitter, he shared an image from the incident he blamed on the dance partner Cissi.

“I’ve finally lost my dancing innocence. Cracked pants! Doubtful if we run spagaten as Cissi persist,” he wrote on Twitter.


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