Saturday, May 30, 2015

Feminism makes Mad Max powerful – Aftonbladet

She breaks out of patriarchy and bring their sisters.

Spring – nay the whole year – hero named furious.

The women who have had enough gas now at the monster truck through the public space.

I’ll start by adding the cards on the table: Action-movie has never been one of my big loads.

Once I saw the first part of “Universal Soldier” – Dolph Lundgren and Jean Claude van Damme action-suite whose first film came in 1992 – but it never became more than that.

I prefer the movie where the characters go around with passive aggressive gaze depletes the life out of each other in a draughty castle. I’d rather see French relationship dramas and contrived American indie films than mastiga science-fiction epic.

So the reason that I even went and saw “Mad Max: Fury Road” was that US male activists railed against the film. “Feminist propaganda disguised as kid roll” complained the site Return of the Kings, and continued: “Charlize Theron’s character yells orders to Mad Max. No shouting orders to Mad Max. ” The writer called for a boycott.

They had me obviously already at the “feminist propaganda disguised as kid roll”. I went straight to the theater.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” is undeniably a rich film. The vibration of masculinity. It is hunted, shot, exploded and pumped unbearable rock from a dubbelhalsad guitar.

It’s loud, impetuous and completely insane. But there is also the other element. It is so powerful. Had it not been for feminism in “Fury Road” had been my nightmare movie. Now it became instead an energy shot.

Enough will, in future, to talk about “Mad Max: Fury Road” as a breakthrough.

Charlize Theron play the tough Imperator furious that limited this liability a group of women held as sex slaves of the evil Immortan Joe.

furious’ll bring them to a better place – to her childhood place: “The Green Place of Many mothers “. It sounds so lovely there. I would also like to stay in “The Green Place of many mothers.”

furious – the name just gets better and better the more times you think of it – has had enough. She sticks from the patriarchal dictatorship, and with it she takes her sisters.

It is a wonderful thought.

group, and Max hanging on them, then get the help of the weathered mothers – some middle-aged women who have also had enough.

The cocks his gun. Here, no “We Shall Overcome” sung. The transmission must be given back in the same coin. It is really refreshing. Just like the Swedish culture debate right now.

The only thing missing in the “Mad Max: Fury Road” is Ebba Witt-Brattström behind the wheel of a monster truck, armed with a bazooka and incoming from the left with a roar. The catch her.

For the power of those who have finally had enough is inspiring.

It will come as a primal urstyrka and tear down everything in its path.

To all that accumulated anger finally have an outlet.

Last year ended Ebba in place eight of the most popular Swedish maiden name.

For the next year I hope to furious has gone berserk right into the list the first place.

Kristin shortlists week …

… pubrock

or month rather. For new Palma Violets disc itself has been out since the first May, but received far too little attention. Play “Peter & amp; the gun “and I swear that it will grow out a pint in his hand.

… Agitation rock

After listening Refuseds new single “Françafrique” want to go out and overturn anything.

… nyhippierock

Florence and the Machines new album would be a piece of clothing, it would be a great patterned kaftan dragged around in Glastonbury mud. “How big, how blue, how beautiful” tickles like a British bohemian dream.

Lundell lists

first Notoriously partying rock band Happy Mondays is entering the documentary soap opera world. According to British reports, the Shaun Ryder , Bez and the other in Manchester band to go to Panama to work together with indigenous people write music in the program “Singing in the Rain Forest”. Also Scottish Glasvegas involved but they should find their inspiration in the Huaorani-the people of Ecuador.

Now we wonder, of course: When will the Swedish sequel and what goes?

second Chasing clicks have been living in the modern media world but now offers also garage rock stars into baiting. The former White Stripes -sångaren Jack White of his label Third Man Records accused of conducting clicks fishing.

The reason is that White in a question and answer chat said that his former band colleague Meg White refuses to answer when he calls. In a statement makes the record company, however, clear that “Meg is not obliged to answer the phone,” and that White engaged in “clicks fish bingo”.

third If there is anyone who would make a 18 days long let it Thom Yorke – the former Radiohead singer and eccentric environmentally friend who a few years ago would stop touring with the flight and instead travel by train between gigs.

“Subterranea” is 432 hours long – a maxi-single in the truest sense – and created an art exhibition in Sydney. The song started playing last Thursday – and played for 6 June – but it does probably nothing if you happened to miss the first week of it.


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