Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Johnny Depp risk 10 years in prison – Nyheter24

After Johnny Depp illegally brought their dogs into Australia, he risks now in prison.

In April flew Johnny Depp , 51, and wife Amber Heard , 29, to Australia. They then took their two dogs, Boo and gun .

But the dogs were stopped by customs. To get bring animals into Australia requires that they have been in quarantine for some time before the visit. This was Johnny Depp’s dogs did not do.

This led to Depp finally had 50 hours to fly home the dogs – or they would be killed. Then spent Johnny Depp more than 2.7 million to fly home the dogs in their private jets.

A federal investigation has begun to determine if Johnny Depp will be prosecuted for having brought the dogs in the country.

After a hearing in Canberra, it was clear that Johnny Depp risk as most ten years in prison or a fine of at most over 2.8 million for the crime, writes the Daily Mail.

Even Johnny Depp’s pilot risk at most two years in prison.


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