Saturday, May 30, 2015

Three dead in caravan fire – Aftonbladet

The shocked man stopped an ambulance outside Uppsala and stated that it burned in a caravan.

When the police arrived at the scene they made a macabre discovery:

In the caravan, there are the remains of three bodies.

At 9:40 o’clock on Saturday morning, stopped an ambulance on County Road 288 at the height of Hovgarden of a man in their 30s who asked for help because of a fire. When police arrived at the scene discovered a burned-out caravan.

The low residue of dead bodies.

Grilled Night

– Right now it’s a technical investigation and interrogation of the man who alerted us, says Torsten Hemlin, duty officer at the Uppsala police.

The man who sounded the alarm were taken to hospital. During the afternoon he was interrogated by the police.

– He is shocked, says Christer Nordstrom, spokesman for the police in Uppsala County.

The man in the interrogation told the party roast in the evening. Four people slept in the night in the great caravan, one of them is the man who alerted for help this morning.

– He woke up at 3 o’clock that it was filled with smoke, says Christer Nordström.

Mannnen shall then wandered into the area before a few hours later managed to stop an ambulance on the way the 288th

– Yes, it has passed some hours. He was thoroughly shocked, says Christer Nordström.

no suspicious

It is still unclear what happened. The case is still headlined by arson and the investigation continues.

No suspect in the case.

– The engineers have not found anything to indicate that the fire has been landscaped, says Christer Nordström.

The burnt out caravan is on a large gravel plant at a quarry in the middle of the forest.

When Aftonbladet was in place at 13-time low fire smell still in the air and the area was completely cordoned off. The caravan was totally burnt down, only a few remnants remain of it.

– Beside the burnt out caravan is a container, a truck and a few other caravans. It is unclear whether anyone lived in them. The place is also surrounded by a fence, says the Aftonbladet reporter on the scene, Solomon Rogberg.

Relatives not notified

He says that the police technicians worked on the site since early on Saturday afternoon. Among other things, they had a dog on the spot and searched through the ashes with different tools.

The rescue was never on fire during the night.

– There is probably no one who has even seen it burned, it was of course a little for themselves what I have understood, says Magnus Andersson, lead operator in the Greater Stockholm Fire Brigade.

In contrast, went the rescue with the police to the scene outside Uppsala, the police’s request.

– The alarm came at ten o’clock. But all we got back was that it was a burnt out caravan, says Magnus Andersson.

According to the police in Uppsala worked the four men at a business in the area.

“Feels uncomfortable”

Just now the police are not more data on those killed when their relatives are not informed.

A man working in the area and who live in one of the caravans during the week knows men .

– It feels very unpleasant. They have lived here for a few weeks and worked with gabionsten near the area. But they have kept themselves to themselves, he said.

Svevia who manages the quarry, states that migrant workers not employed by them or working for some of their suppliers.

– No, but it is common to live in a caravan next to an area where you have a mission, says Charlotte Sandström, CIO at Svevia.

She does not know who has let them stay at Svevia area, but says that anyone within the company must have given them permission to do so.

– So it must be. It is our pace, says Charlotte Sandström.


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